Duck feather cushion care – tips for preserving comfort and quality

Many of our customers select duck feather cushions due to their exceptional softness. However, they do require regular maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their very best.

Whether you are in the midst of choosing your sofa cushion interiors or have already received your Sofas & Stuff sofa in your home, below is your guide to duck feather cushion care. We’ll cover regular maintenance tips and advice for emergency or one-off care.


Why choose duck feather cushions?

Duck feathers are renowned for their premium comfort, creating a sumptuously soft sofa primed for comfortable lounging. They are often favoured for offering:

  • Superior comfort, creating a soft and pillowy spot to relax into.
  • A “sink-in” experience which conforms to your body.
  • Visual appeal, adding inviting texture and depth to sofa cushions.
  • Excellent temperature regulating properties enable a cool, consistent temperature.
  • A more natural option which is biodegradable and renewable.



Regular maintenance tips for duck feather cushions

While many will choose duck feather filling for its inviting look and feel, you may feel dissuaded by the prospect of its upkeep. In truth, they are not as high-maintenance or work-intensive as you might initially think. They do, however, require some minor daily care:


Why: Duck feather cushions require more frequent plumping than other cushion interiors as the action allows the air to circulate and helps maintain their loft, preventing the feathers from clumping and the cushions from becoming flat. As such, proper plumping will enhance the longevity of your duck feather cushions.

How often: Ideally, this should be done on a daily basis, after use. For settees and chairs which are not sat on daily, you may not need to do this every day but do give the cushions some attention every now and then to ensure their plushness when they are used.

How to plump:

To plump your cushions, we would recommend the following steps:

  1. Unzip your cushion cover halfway.
  2. Bash the sides, bringing air back into each cushion and circulating the feathers. You can also fluff and bash opposite corners.
  3. If safe, drop your cushions on the floor to separate the feathers and add bounce to them.
  4. Once you are happy and see a difference in the loft of your cushions, zip them back up and return to their place.


As well as fluffing and plumping your duck feather cushions, you can also rotate them to ensure even wear. Swapping the cushions’ positions on a weekly basis, especially those that receive more use, maintains their shape and avoids sagging in the spots where you normally sit.


Haresfield 2-seater sofa in Whernside Spring Grass and Stockport Stripe Hunter


More care tips for duck feather cushions

If you ensure to regularly plump and fluff your duck feather cushions, you’ll be well on your way to a well-cared-for sofa. Below are some more helpful tips to keep your beloved duck feather sofa in tip-top shape:

  • Air out your cushions: By airing your duck feather cushions on a sunny day, you can eliminate any odours built up from being indoors. Easily freshen them up by removing them from their cushion cover and leaving them outside on a clean surface for a few hours, avoiding direct sunlight if possible.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: If you need to clean your duck feather cushions for any reason, we would recommend avoiding any harsh chemicals which could break down and damage the feathers.
  • Don’t forget scatter cushions: Duck feather scatter cushions will benefit from regular fluffing to keep them looking as inviting as ever. Follow the same process as often as you see fit to maintain their plumpness and volume.


Can you wash duck feather sofa cushions?

We would advise not to wash your duck feather sofa cushions. Not only will the size of the cushions make it a tricky task, but habitually washing them will break down the feathers’ moisture-wicking oils and lead them to become brittle and, eventually, break. Naturally, this will affect the longevity of your beautiful Sofas & Stuff settee.

Instead, aim to keep up regular maintenance by plumping them on a daily basis, circulating air around the feathers, and airing the cushions cover-free outside when possible.

Advice for mishaps and emergencies

Sometimes, emergencies do present themselves in the form of pet mishaps or, perhaps, a spilt beverage. In these cases, we would recommend spot cleaning first using a soft, clean cloth with gentle soapy water and, where required, contact a cleaning professional rather than attempting to wash the cushions.


St Mawes 3 seater sofa in RHS Gertrude Jekyll Trailing Vine Green
St Mawes 3-seater sofa in RHS Gertrude Jekyll Trailing Vine Green


Keep your feather sofa cushions in the very best condition

Mastering duck feather cushion care ensures they remain a cherished part of your home. By incorporating regular plumping, rotating and occasional airing, you can preserve their comfort and elegance.

For more expert advice and support tailored to your needs, our design consultants are on hand to help. Based in our welcoming showrooms across the UK, they are your first port of call for any queries. To get your Sofas & Stuff journey underway, why not book a one-to-one consultation with one of our team?

Abby Gadd