How to measure for a new sofa – the Sofas & Stuff guide

When you envision a new addition to your furniture – from an expansive corner sofa to the cosiest of snugglers – the journey begins with measuring your space. With thoughtful planning and precise measurements, you can avoid accessibility issues on delivery day, and also create a space that is well-proportioned and flows beautifully. 

Below, we share expertise on how to measure a sofa, and your living space, effectively, avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring your handcrafted piece makes for a perfect fit in your home.


Accurate measurements

Accurately measuring your space is crucial before purchasing a new sofa. A sofa from Sofas & Stuff is intended to fit seamlessly into your home for years. Ensure it can navigate through doors, stairs and hallways on its way to its designated spot.

Also, knowing your room’s dimensions prevents overcrowding and ensures the sofa complements the living space in size. A properly scaled sofa balances well with other furniture and enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating a comfortable and inviting environment.


What are standard Sofas & Stuff sofa dimensions?

Our bespoke, British made sofas span a range of styles and sizes, offering variety for diverse living spaces and lifestyles. 

Exact sofa dimensions vary from style to style, and we would recommend browsing our different models ahead of measuring your space to find specific measurements. As a starting point, below you’ll find the measurement guide for one of our most popular styles, the Alwinton.

Alwinton measurement guide

Our customers should also be aware that, due to the handcrafted nature of our pieces, measurements can vary by up to 3 cm.


Jessi Harris' British handmade sofa
Jessi designed this beautiful bespoke Alwinton sofa in House Wool Mercury


Measuring for a new sofa – what you’ll need

Depending on your space and interior design needs, you might seek a more in-depth method for accurately measuring and balancing the proportions of your space. Our design consultants at your nearest Sofas & Stuff showroom will be able to support you with a tailor-made program to design a ratio-based floor plan.

Alternatively, you may be content with measuring your space by hand. In these cases, you will require the tools listed below:

  • A tape measure
  • A notepad, to record your measurements
  • Masking tape or newspaper for mapping out sofa dimensions

To set the stage for measurement, clear the area where you envision your sofa being placed. Ensure that you also consider the full range of movement around the area, imagining how the space will be used day-to-day.


A step-by-step measuring guide

Once you have the correct instruments and have prepared your space, you are ready to begin measuring for your available space. The process can differ depending on the style of sofa you are measuring up for.

Measurement guide for our Alwinton sofa

For standard sofas, snugglers and armchairs, measure for the three most important dimensions; width, height, and depth. Additional measurements, as demonstrated by our diagram of the Alwinton above, can also provide a more in-depth understanding of how these pieces will fit in your space.

  1. Width (e): Measure the horizontal space where the sofa will sit, including a little extra on each side to prevent a cramped feel. Your measurements should consider the widest part of the sofa – for example, if your sofa design will have rolled arms, from the outside of one armrest to the outside of the opposite armrest.
  2. Depth (d): Measure the depth, which will be from the front-most point to the back-most point of the sofa. This is crucial for ensuring the sofa doesn’t protrude awkwardly into walking areas.
  3. Height (a): Measure from the floor to the highest point of the sofa, usually the back, keeping in mind whether it will be a curved or straight back. Consider any low-hanging lamps, windowsills or shelves above where the sofa will be placed.

As you measure your space, keep in mind all of the elements that go into your room layout, such as doorways and existing furniture, like side tables. The dimensions of your new sofa should avoid encroaching on or preventing the usage of these features.

Measurement guide for our Wadenhoe corner sofa

For corner sofas and chaise-end sofas, the same measurements as standard sofas will apply – width, depth, and height – with the addition of length. When you decide on where you would like to place your corner sofa, whether it’s in the corner or the middle of your room, keep in mind these additional factors:

  1. Modular sofas: Our corner sofas are modular pieces and are therefore delivered in sections. If you are purchasing an L-shaped or U-shaped sofa, you can measure the dimensions of each individual section (for example, where they meet at a right angle) as well as the overall dimensions.
  2. Depth vs. length (d vs. h): As shown in the guide for our Wadenhoe model above, we consider the depth of our corner sofas to be measured from the short-arm side, while the length is measured from the back of the sofa to the end of the extruding section.
  3. Curved corner sofas: A curved corner sofa, such as our Upperton, can be particularly challenging to measure for. In these cases, measure the back width and the front width, accounting for the curve. Then measure the straight width at the front of your sofa, and the full depth from the centre point at the back to your straight width line.
Measurement guide for our Upperton sofa bed

Sofa beds are wonderfully versatile pieces of furniture to have in your home but require a little extra planning to ensure they fit into your space in both closed and extended states:

  1. Closed measurements: Begin by measuring for your sofa bed in its closed state – that is, in its role as a sofa. Measure width, depth, and height, as you would for a classic sofa.
  2. Extended dimensions: Measure for the open depth of the sofa bed – when it is extended into a bed – to ensure it doesn’t block doorways or furniture, or create narrow passages. This is essential for maintaining functionality in multi-use spaces.

In all cases, by leaving a little room for movement and manoeuvring – upwards of a few inches on all sides – you can allow for a little flexibility once your sofa has been delivered.


Your sofa delivery - measurements to keep in mind

Before taking measurements for your new sofa, consider the below elements. These are the key areas where dimensions and obstacles can impact the delivery and optimal placement of your sofa.

A doorway is usually the first step on the journey to fitting your sofa into your home. Measure the height and width of your front or back door frame – whichever our delivery team will need to enter through – to ensure it allows for the dimensions of your chosen sofa.

All of our sofa specifications include an access height measurement, as well as total height, which your door width will need to accommodate. Alternatively, consider pointing our delivery team to a large window where they can access your home.

Manoeuvring your new sofa through hallways requires careful consideration of several factors. Measure the width and height of your hallway at its narrowest points to ensure there is ample space for your chosen sofa to pass through comfortably.

Pay attention to any sharp turns or angles that might require additional manoeuvring space. Additionally, consider any lampshades, artwork or other hanging decorations that could obstruct the pathway or be at risk during the process.

Stairs can also pose a challenge when moving in new furniture. Measure the width of your stairway, including any bannisters. Most importantly, check for any turns or right angles that might require the sofa to pivot. 

It’s crucial to measure the headroom available on your staircase to ensure there is enough vertical space to accommodate taller pieces, especially in stairwells with low ceilings. If the stairway includes a landing, assess the space needed to navigate the sofa around the corner.

If your building has a lift, it’s important to check not only the interior dimensions but also the door opening to make sure your sofa will fit. Measure the height, width and depth of the lift to confirm that the sofa can be transported vertically without tilting or bending, which might risk damaging both the sofa and the lift’s interior. If the sofa doesn’t fit in the lift, you may need to use the stairs or seek a different lifting solution.


Cooksbridge Corner Group in Cloth 21 Oak Leaf Beech



Our top sofa measurement tips

Below are some of our top tips and advice when it comes to measuring your space for one of our handcrafted sofas. For personalised support, our design consultants will always be on hand to ensure you feel confident and happy with your final decision.

  • To visualise how your new sofa might look and experiment with different placements, why not take advantage of our AR tool? Simply scan the QR code below a sofa model on our website and get a real-time view of the sofa in your space.
  • Another way to envisage the footprint of your new sofa in your living space is to use newspaper or masking tape to map out its dimensions on the floor. This will offer you a clearer picture of the space you’ll have around your new piece of furniture.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative with your furniture placement and consider several layout options. For example, where space allows, a corner sofa in the middle of your room can be an eye-catching way to define an open space.
  • When selecting your new sofa, prioritise the bespoke comfort of you and your family. Our team can allow for custom sofa depths; so, if you or someone in your family is particularly tall, a deeper sofa may be more comfortable. Our Alwinton and Kentwell models are also available in two different standard depths.
  • While our delivery team endeavours to be as careful as possible, accidents can happen. Ahead of delivery, be sure to proof your home by clearing anything that is valuable, breakable or fragile from your sofa’s path, such as artwork, mirrors and vases.
  • Finally, a universal tip for all of our customers is to pay us a visit at your nearest showroom. Here, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of how individual sofa models measure up and speak with our expert design consultants; not to mention, you can enjoy a free tea or coffee as you test each design for your notion of comfort.


Kentwell 3-seater sofa in RHS Collection Lydia Penrose


Design your perfect sofa with our experts

Measuring your space ahead of purchasing your new sofa will save you considerable hassle and disappointment. Our design consultants are here to assist with expert guidance to ensure your selection fits perfectly in both size and style within your home.

Why not book a free one-to-one design consultation at a time that suits you? You’ll be provided with complimentary tea and coffee, and personalised guidance that considers your home, lifestyle, and design preferences.

Abby Gadd