How to care for your Quallofil Blue eco fibre cushions

Made from 100% recycled plastic – 50% of which is Prevented Ocean Plastic™ – our Quallofil Blue eco fibre cushions are a peerless combination of comfort and sustainability, part of our pledge to ‘tread lightly’ on our planet.

Another part of this pledge is to craft furniture that is made to last. With the correct care and maintenance, we hope that our handmade sofas will be a part of your home for many years to come. We’ve put together a care guide for Quallofil cushion interiors to demonstrate some simple ways you can preserve their comfort, support and longevity.


Why do our customers choose Quallofil Blue fibre cushions?

The soft and bouncy qualities of fibre-filled cushions are only enhanced by the assurance of 100% recycled content. Our Quallofil Blue fibre cushions are the perfect choice for eco-conscious homes that don’t wish to compromise on comfort for several reasons:

  • Fibre sofa cushions offer a relaxed feel with minimal maintenance required.
  • Quallofil Blue has been scientifically engineered to keep its shape and loft, even with extended usage.
  • Besides being made of 100% recycled fibre, the cushion interior is also fully recyclable.
  • Quallofil Blue fibre is hypoallergenic, offering an alternative to duck feather-filled cushions which is still just as soft.



Our recommendations for regular fibre cushion maintenance

We anticipate that our sofas and armchairs will provide years of comfort and become the backdrop for many shared moments with family and friends in your home. Although Quallofil fibre cushions are designed to do so while demanding very little intervention, below are our care tips to maximise and preserve their comfort and plumpness. These are similar to standard polyester cushion care.

Plumping and re-dressing

Regular plumping is a simple way to keep your fibre settee cushions looking their very best. Quallofil Blue cushions don’t demand daily plumping in the same way that our pure duck feather cushions do – think of them like a duvet, which can be spruced up every now and then.

While daily plumping isn’t necessary, it doesn’t hurt to do so. If you’d prefer a more low-maintenance routine, giving them some attention, say, every couple of days at least, will ensure they maintain their loft and plump appearance. Follow the below steps for how to plump fibre sofa cushions:

  1. Carefully unzip the cushion cover halfway.
  2. Firmly bash each side of your cushions, helping to restore air into the fibre filling and break up any clumping.
  3. You can also give your cushions a shake to redistribute the fibres.
  4. Finally, we would recommend safely dropping your cushions on the floor, further separating and plumping the fibre filling.
  5. Once finished, zip your cushions back up and redress the upholstery to realign it, giving your sofa a polished look.

Rotating your fibre cushions

Although Quallofil Blue cushions are engineered to maintain their shape and loft, regular usage can take its toll on their appearance. Occasionally rotating your cushions will help to ensure they are always looking as good as new, minimising slumping or dipping in areas where you usually sit. You can also interchange the sofa cushions between a more and less frequently used spot on the sofa.

If you do so every one to two weeks, you will maintain the longevity and comfort of your cherished sofa.


Helmsley 3-seater sofa in RHS Botanicals Ferns Toile Bark and Warwick Manhattan Acorn


Further care tips for Quallofil Blue sofa cushions

Our Quallofil Blue fibre cushions are wonderfully low maintenance. Besides plumping them every day or two, these additional tips may come in handy to preserve their quality and comfort:

  • Vary where you sit: While our Quallofil sofa cushions are scientifically engineered to retain their shape and loft, avoiding sitting in the same spot every time can help minimise dipping in those areas.
  • Clean spills promptly: If spills occur, act quickly to prevent the liquid from seeping into your fibre cushions. Use a soft, clean cloth to blot the spill and soak it up.
  • Air your sofa cushions: Periodically airing out your cushions can help remove any accumulated odours and keep them fresh. On a dry, sunny day, place your cushions outside on a clean, flat surface for a few hours, avoiding direct sunlight.


Can you wash Quallofil Blue fibre cushions?

Our advice is to avoid washing your Quallofil Blue sofa cushions. This is largely because they can be tricky to wash without damaging the fibres with heat or chemicals. 

Similarly, effectively drying your sofa cushions to the point where no moisture remains can be difficult. And, in the case that some dampness is left when you return your cushions to their covers, this can lead to mould and mildew developing, shortening their lifespan.

Addressing more urgent cushion care

In some cases, such as a spillage, you may feel you’d like to wash your sofa cushions more thoroughly than a spot clean. On these occasions, we would always recommend speaking with a cleaning professional, rather than attempting to wash your cushions yourself, to prevent any unwanted damage.


Kentwell 3-seater sofa in RHS Collection Lydia Penrose Design


Long-lasting comfort and beauty for your sofa cushions

Taking care of your Quallofil Blue fibre cushions will keep them in the best condition, ensuring exceptional comfort and support for many years to come. Through regular plumping, occasional rotation and prompt attention to spills, you will maintain their shape, loft and beauty.

For more personalised advice on maintaining and caring for your sofa cushions, or to browse our range of handcrafted, eco-conscious furniture, visit our showrooms and speak with our knowledgeable design consultants. They’re on hand to support you in making the most of your beautiful custom-made furnishings.

Abby Gadd