How to measure for a new bed – practical tips and advice

Purchasing a new bed for your home is an investment in your rest and sleep quality, as well as the design of a room. It’s important to measure your space accurately to avoid delivery issues and ensure the bed fits well within your room.

Why measure? A correctly sized bed will:

  • Fit comfortably within the room, avoiding a cramped or sparse appearance.
  • Move smoothly through doors, up staircases, or in lifts, preventing delivery hassles.
  • Complement, rather than obstruct, your existing furniture.

Our below guide advises on how to measure your space for a new bed, covering the measurements to bear in mind and how to decide on the best size bed for your space and comfort needs.


What are the dimensions of a Sofas & Stuff bed?

Our handcrafted bed frames come in four sizes; single, double, king size and super king size. While this is consistent with other bed retailers and manufacturers, there are no standard measurements for these configurations; in fact, bed frames are categorised by the size of the mattress they carry.

Below, you can find a size guide for the widths and lengths of our bed frames, as well as the measurements of our luxury mattresses, which are generally in line with standard UK mattress sizes. For detailed measurements, we would recommend referring to the specifications for individual models, available on our website.

Our bed measurements

Bed size Width Length
Single bed 103-127 cm 204-238 cm
Double bed 149-162 cm 204-238 cm
King size bed 164-177 cm 214–248 cm
Super king size bed 194-207 cm 214-248 cm

Our mattress measurements

Mattress size Width Length
Single 90-92 cm 192 cm
Double 135-137 cm 192 cm
King size 152 cm 200-202 cm
Super king size 182 cm 202cm


Rouen Low End Bed in Kirkby Romo Soho Vintage Rose


How to measure your space for a new bed

There are several steps which should be taken to enhance your understanding of your available space and prepare for a new bed frame or mattress.

When you have decided which room your new bed will be placed in, and have an approximate idea of where in the room it will be stationed, it may be helpful to measure any existing bed frames or mattresses in that space. Take a note of the below measurements:

  • Width – the measurement from one side of the bed or mattress, to the other.
  • Length – the measurement from the top of your bed or mattress, to the bottom.
  • Height – the measurement from the floor to the top of your bed frame.

It can also be useful to account for the space underneath your bed by measuring from the floor to the bottom of your bed frame. Although we do not provide this measurement as standard, our design consultants will be able to help on request.

By noting these measurements, you will be better equipped to compare your room’s existing layout and envision the available space for sizing up or down.

If you have already settled on one of our bed frame designs, or have a few in mind to select from, take a look at their specific dimensions. Using a tape measure and, if the space is clear, some newspaper or masking tape, you can precisely measure out and visualise whether a bed frame will be accommodated in your space and how it might look.

Consider the width (e), length (h) and height (a) of the chosen model, exemplified in our measurement diagram below. 

Measurement guide for our Camden bed

Accurate measurement is particularly crucial to ensure your new bed frame and mattress can be successfully delivered to your home. Our experienced in-house delivery team will do their utmost to ensure your delivery day goes to plan, but taking into account any obstructions or tight spots will help to smooth the process.

Our bed frames are delivered in separate pieces as the headboard, bed base and side rails. This can help to manoeuvre it through your home, but checking the below measurements will be beneficial:

  • First, consider the journey your new bed frame and mattress will need to take through your home to its resting spot. Take stock of any low ceilings or eaves, light hangings, narrow spaces or bannisters which might complicate delivery. You can make our delivery team aware of this ahead of time for advice.
  • Measure the width and height of any doorways your bed frame or mattress will need to go through; the height should be more than the width of the bed frame or mattress. You can also measure diagonal height, from one corner to another, to allow for extra manoeuvring room.
  • Measure the width of any hallways which your bed frame and mattress must travel through. Note that, for any corners, if a mattress will fit across the corner at 45 degrees, it will be able to turn all the way round.
  • Measure your stairways, taking into account the distance between any low ceilings and the staircase, as well as the width between your bannisters or from your bannister to the wall. You should allow for comfortable clearance between these.
  • If access to your home will require access via a lift, measure for the open door height and width, as well as the width and depth of the lift itself.


How to know which size bed to choose

Beyond choosing the style of your bed – whether you prefer, for example, the clean lines of our Camden bed or the ornate curves of our Gothic bed – settling on the size of your bed frame and mattress also requires some thought. 

As well as the sizing allowed for by your room measurements, we recommend considering the below points to help you come to a decision:

The size of your bed and mattress will depend on the comfort preferences of those who will be using it. For couples, an adequately sized bed generally allows for you to lay side-by-side with your hands behind your head, without your elbows touching. 

From here, any larger dimensions will be personal preference, with our super king size beds and mattresses offering the highest level of space and comfort.

Once you have verified the bed frame dimensions your space will allow for, consider also how the size and shape of your new bed will contribute to the layout and design of the bedroom. For example, a single bed in a large main bedroom may appear underwhelming; on the contrary, a larger bed in a more compact space might feel unbalanced or overcrowded.

Be sure to keep in mind the functionality of your room, as well as the look. When choosing your bed size, consider opening wardrobe doors, for example, to ensure your bed frame will not encroach on the space needed for access.

While many room designs will see beds placed flush with the wall, there can be flexibility to place your bed frame in a more central part of the room. In this case, as the back of our beds are not upholstered as standard, you will need to specify with our team that the bed frame should be fully upholstered.

When measuring your space for the width of your chosen bed frame, consider how much space you need around the bed. While there is no fixed rule here – it is purely a matter of personal preference – we would recommend leaving enough room to comfortably walk around each side of your bed, being sure to allow for any existing furniture such as bedside tables or armchairs. General advice suggests leaving at least 24ins (60 cm) of walking space around a bed frame, be it between the bed and a wall, or other furniture.

A divan bed base with storage will require particular consideration, as any pull-out drawers in the base will add extra width (or length, if at the foot of the bed) to your measurements.

In addition to available space, the length of your bed should take into consideration the comfort of those who will sleep in it. A useful recommendation is that the length of your bed should be at least 4ins (10 cm) longer than the tallest person who will sleep in it.

The height measurement of your bed frame should take into account the highest point of the headboard; for example, if your headboard has a curved design, the total height will measure the highest point of this curve.

In relation to the height of your bed frame, be sure to allow for where your bed will be placed. For example, if being placed under a window, ensure sufficient clearance for your headboard with the windowsill. If you have any artwork hanging on your walls, be sure that there is a gap between the bottom of the artwork and the top of your headboard. Any fixed wall lights, whether above your headboard or on either side, should also be taken into consideration.


Camden king bed in Omega Brass and Pampas Saffron


Choice and expertise: find your perfect bed with Sofas & Stuff

Just like our sofas, our bed range has been curated to appeal to the wide variety of design sensibilities and architectural features of homes in the UK. We offer an unparalleled level of choice and customisation to ensure that your new bed is unique to you in every way.

Our design consultants are ready to assist you with personalised advice to ensure your new bed is everything you’ve dreamed of and more, including how to measure a bed for your space. Visit our nationwide showrooms or explore our website to find the ideal bed that complements your bedroom’s size and style, and book a free, no-obligation design consultation for one-to-one guidance.

Abby Gadd