Furnishing Tips for your First Home

So you’ve gone and done it; you’ve ventured from the nest and have your first home. Whether you have bought it or are renting, it is your first home to make completely yours. From the colour scheme to little accessories around the house, this is your place to be completely proud of; and to make yours. We would recommend you get the first essential factors together; colour schemes for the rooms, essential bits of furniture and a budget! You can add to your home month on month with new accessories; bits and bobs for the house that are little pocket diggers, make a budget for good quality investments.

The things that make your home are the big pieces of furniture like a bed, sofa, armchairs and dining room table and chairs. Not forgetting about a washing machine, fridge/freezer and a wardrobe! The smaller bits such a coffee table are pieces of furniture you can get when everything starts coming into place.

Take your time when deciding on furniture:

You want your furniture to be right for your home, so make investments but make sure they are right for you and your home. Have a few ideas in your mind and design your space before putting anything into it. Make sure you get the measurements and dimensions before going ahead and buying big pieces of furniture due to excitement.


Consider the essentials:

When you move in, just go in with the bare essentials; something to sleep on, something to eat on and something to sit on. You want to really get a feel for your new home and get everything ready from colour scheme or carpet before deciding on the big things.

Sofa Pronto

Now we are going to concentrate on the sofa side of things, seeing as we are experts in making sofas and beds. For your first home it is always practical to get a sofa bed, just in case you have a few friends or family members stay for the evening. Another factor of the sofa, is that you want it to be perfect for your space; don’t settle for ok. Make sure it is everything you want for your first home, as you’ll be residing their most evenings.

We understand that a budget is in place at this stage in the process of getting into your first home. This is why we have our Sofa Pronto range, which is perfect for the first-time buyer/renter. The sofas in this range are stylish, modern and come with quick delivery so you can expect to have your sofa within 7 working days.

The Kennington

Our Kennington is a retro modern piece of furniture. The double row of buttons on the fixed back can be chosen in contrasting colours to create a gorgeous, eye-catching piece for your first home. From £626, this sofa is so stylish it will do wonders for your living room.


The Primrose Hill

The Primrose Hill Sofa offers a contemporary sofa design combined with the comfort of a more modern sofa seat. From just £386, this sofa could be in your home within 7 days.

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The Haggerston

The Haggerston modern leather sofa brings a little style to your living room. The deep-buttoning looks gorgeous and from just £1095, it is a comfortable bargin for any first home owner.



Why not have a look at our Sofa Pronto range online? Or organise a free design consultation at your nearest showroom. We also offer interest-free finance to make it even easier to get a sofa pronto sofa into your new home as soon as possible.



Alysha Stirling