Cloth ’18: Our First Ever Fabric Collection


After 9 years of selling fabrics from other designers, the Sofas and Stuff team thought it was about time we designed our own collection. The design brief was short and succinct; the final fabrics had to be timeless and easy to use, laid back but classy. We donned our creative hats and got to work testing textile and pattern combinations.

Our search for the perfect pattern took us through centuries of textile design, looking at the many uses of pattern through the ages. Our journey landed us in two areas we felt could translate to a modern day cloth, taking inspiration from the instantly recognisable Greek Key print and a lesser known Tile design taken from a Middle-Eastern print we fell in love with. Good things come in threes and we felt a modern twist would complement the collection. As if by magic, our designers created Daub, a repeating pattern with the feel of pebbles stacking soothingly on beaches. Daub will wash away your worries and welcome you with open arms after a hard day as well as adding warmth and personality to your home.

The next stage was to experiment with colours, tones and base cloths, sourcing and snuggling up to only the softest linens until, at last, we had our Eureka moment with the final 3 designs in 8 muted colourways, all printed on the very best European linen we could find. It was at this moment the Cloth ’18 collection was born.

Cloth ’18 was designed and printed in the stunning Clithroe, Lancashire countryside and captures many of the elements we admire in the designer collections housed in our showrooms. All with the Sofas and Stuff twist, of course.

Understated and relaxed. Elegant yet subtle and soothing, these fabrics work well as stand-alone pieces or can be combined for a more complex and intricate look. Due to their subtle qualities, Daub, Key and Tile are all fabrics that look plainer from a distance, something we know many of our customers like. Choosing a bold, statement pattern can be seen as a commitment too far but Cloth ’18 will see your sofas standing the test of time. Plus, you can order some free fabric samples to pin up at home to be sure you are choosing the perfect design to suit your home and lifestyle before placing your order.

Our latest brochure release marks the official launch of the Cloth ’18 collection. Within these inspirational pages is a sneak peek of the fabric perfectly paired with our top-selling Alwinton range. We shot on location in a converted warehouse, a bit of a change from its usual country dwellings, and used all three Cloth ‘18 designs to create a look that will suit a whole host of interior styles.

Cloth ’18 is available on any of our handmade sofas, beds and chairs in store or online. Order your free fabric samples to see for yourself why we are so proud of our first ever fabric collection or book your free design consultation for ideas of how to incorporate our fabrics into your interiors.

Alysha Stirling