Top 5 velvet sofas for velvet lovers like us

yellow velvet chesterfield sofa

The Velvet lovers Velvet Sofa

Velvet is a huge interiors trend right now that’s here for the long run. Whether it’s a velvet sofa, armchair, footstool, headboard, cushion or curtain. If it is a soft furnishing it’s going to look fabulous in velvet. There is however, such a thing as too much velvet and to create a space with depth and interest it’s important to mix your textures and tones.

Key colours for velvet right now

When it comes to colour there really are no rules, if you like a colour and it makes you happy then go for it, but there are some reoccurring tones we wanted to give a mention to.

5 velvets Linwood Designers Guild our top tones



Mustard: Warm and vibrant mustard is a great colour to elevate your space, its warm undertones sit so well within a neutral palette or against contrasting colours such as green or blue. Linwood, Omega Mustard


Navy: Rich and elegant navy is a really smart option with its deeper colour base it is a more practical tone for hiding marks and creates an understated focal with in a room. Linwood Omega Atlantis


Emerald: Regal and sumptuous emerald is pairs brilliantly well with gold and copper accents. Linwood Omega Teal


Blush: Feminine and sophisticated, blush is a brilliant shade to bring grown up glamour to the space. Designers Guild Varese Cameo

Our Top 5 Velvet Sofas 

Forum design haresfield in mustard
Haresfield Large Sofa in Mustard Velvet Via: Forum Inteirors

Haresfield: The Haresfield sofa in Mustard is a brilliant blend of traditional buttoning and a angular contemporary design. Our Haresfield is perfect for a character filled property or anyone looking to create a warm and inviting space.

Haggerston in Navy Velvet
Haggerston Large Sofa sin Navy Velvet

Haggerston: The Haggerston in Fontwell Cotton Velvet Navy is a brilliant mid-century modern sofa with a nod to 1930’s design. The deep seat and soft cushions are brilliantly comfortable and a gorgeous statement in any living room.

Alwinton in green velvet
Alwinton Large Sofa in Emerald Velvet Via: Furnished By Anna

Alwinton: One of our bestsellers and a real beauty. The Alwinton sofa is a cosy, super-comfortable yet extremely smart, hardwearing, classic Howard-style. This traditional sofa is sure to look good in any home.

Helmsley Snuggler in blush velvet
Helmsley Snuggler in blush velvet

Helmsley: The Helmsley Snuggler is a wonder of a compact sofa. Its deep seat, curved back and traditional touches makes it perfect for a bay window or a cosy spot in the corner.

Choosing the right velvet for you

Velvet sofas have come a long way from its super delicate, “don’t sit there!”, “not with dirty hands” time. Nowadays there is a huge range of velvets on the market. From stain resistant and easy to clean properties as well as UV and fade resistant finishes. Velvet is more accessible and practical for family life. Request your samples today.

Alysha Stirling