On the sofa with Dee Campling

Our homes are places of sanctuary, and we have the opportunity to decorate them and accessorise them to suit our moods and personalities. We sat down with Dee Campling; interior stylist, design consultant and author, to talk about the most relaxing spaces in her home.

Dee’s signature look is influenced by the lived in look of French design, the lightness of Scandinavian design, and always explores the blurring of the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Her first book, Camper Heaven, was released in 2023, where she offers her expert advice on choosing the right van and decorating it to match your personal taste.

Whereabouts in your home do you feel the most relaxed?

It really depends on the season! In the dark autumn and winter months I’m most relaxed in the our cosy living room. We make it super cosy with a log fire, candles, fairly lights and with blankets and throws layered up on the sofa and chairs. In the spring and summer I’m most relaxed in our outdoor room.  We treat the outdoor room just like any other room – with a sofa and dining area – but with the exception that everything has to be weatherproof. I love working, dining or just gathering friends there with the surrounding sights and sounds of nature.

Which scent resonates the most with home for you?

The scent of clean laundry reminds me of spring and is my favourite scent at home. It makes me feel like the house is clean, the washing is done and that it’s time to relax

What is your favourite season for flowers and why?

I love flowers from every season but my favourite is early summer when the classic English country garden flowers are in bloom such as  peonies, ranunculus, foxgloves, geraniums and poppies.

How would you describe your interior design style?

My interior design style is rooted in classic Scandinavian style – with it’s neutral walls, bare floors, emphasis on light and lots of natural materials – but with character and colour added from vintage and French inspired decor such as old mirrors, chippy furniture and faded rugs.

What is it about our Threads of India collection that particularly appeals to you?

I really like the faded grandeur appearance of the whole fabric range. It reminds me of antique Persian carpets which only look better when they’re worn and faded. I love the story behind each fabric, especially Mughal Arbour which is based on an 18th century tent hanging and uses the Mughal flowering tree as a motif. Tents, outdoor living and nature are always strong draws for me. I like the muted colourways in each fabric. The oatmeal background of Mughal Arbour especially makes easier for me to link the armchair to my other neutral coloured furniture pieces, thus allowing the chair to look like it’s always belonged in my home.

You can see how Dee has styled her chair from our V&A Threads of India collection below.



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Alysha Stirling