The Sofas & Stuff bed buying guide

Your guide to buying a new upholstered bed

It is a truth universally acknowledged that our beds should be a haven for rest and repose. Whether it’s a good night’s sleep ahead of a busy day at work or stealing a few extra moments of quiet on a Sunday morning, our beds should be, without compromise, one of the most comfortable spots in our homes.

We might begin the search for a new bed or mattress for several reasons. A worn-out or creaky frame, an uncomfortable mattress or even a freshly redecorated bedroom may all prompt us to find something a little different to better suit our needs.

With careful consideration, the investment can truly elevate your home and lifestyle. Our design consultants can work closely with you to address the key points in our bed buying guide ahead of purchasing.


Buying with Sofas & Stuff

The beauty of our upholstered beds is that each handcrafted piece is a reflection of the home it inhabits. From the moment you walk into one of our showrooms or browse our collections online, you will be invited to give your creativity free rein and design a piece that mirrors the nuances of you and your family.

Real choice is evident in the myriad upholstery options at your fingertips. It’s the diligent guidance of our design consultants, who have an eye for the finishing touches. We never ask you to compromise, and to ensure this is always possible, we handle every aspect of the furniture construction and delivery process in-house.

When you purchase a bed that you love – a piece that is quite literally made for your home – it is vital that it retains its beauty and functionality for years to come. With a 10-year guarantee on all of our bed frames, longevity and the true value of furniture that endures are built into the very foundation of each piece.


What should I consider before purchasing a new bed?

A home should be a space for personal expression, blended with comfort and ease – and nowhere is this truer than in our bedrooms. Ahead of purchasing your new bed frame, consider the following to ensure that it perfectly fills your needs.

What are the reasons behind your new bed?

First and foremost, understanding the motivations behind your search is key to finding the perfect match for your requirements, a piece that stays with you for years to come. 

Perhaps it’s the physical wear of an old bed, where creaks disrupt your peace and a once-supportive mattress now hinders rather than helps restful sleep.

Or, maybe a lifestyle change beckons – a move, a new chapter or a health consideration – necessitating a bed that aligns with your changing needs. 

For some, the impetus is a refreshed interior design scheme, where a bed serves as both a focal point and a sanctuary.

Whether driven by necessity or desire, or a combination of both, recognising why your existing bed no longer fulfils your needs can inform how your new piece should integrate with your life, ensuring it provides the comfort level, support and aesthetic you seek.


Featured Product: Rouen Low End Bed in Kirkby Romo Soho Vintage Rose


What are your sleeping habits and support needs?

Your sleeping habits and support needs are of great importance in understanding how to select the new bed or, in particular, the mattress which is best for you.

Reflect on whether you’re a light sleeper, and easily disturbed by movement, or if you spend nights tossing and turning, seeking that perfect spot for slumber. Consider your typical sleep position: back, side, or stomach sleepers require different levels of support to maintain spinal alignment and avoid discomfort.

Also, think about any physical ailments or preferences – do you need extra lumbar support, or perhaps a cooler sleeping surface? Understanding these personal sleep dynamics helps pinpoint the right mattress firmness, composition, and bed frame style, ensuring your choice promotes a restful night’s sleep.

Which room are you purchasing for?

The placement of your new bed sets the stage for its design and function. Is your bed going to be in the main bedroom, a space for your own luxury and comfort? Or perhaps it’s for a guest room, used less frequently but where warmth and welcome are paramount nevertheless?

A child’s room will evolve with its occupant and might call for a more versatile design, while a small space might benefit from a bed that maximises the available space without compromising style or comfort. Perhaps a sofa bed suits your needs more closely?

Each space in your home carries its own aura and requirements. Reflect on the room and how your new bed frame might complement its existing décor and usage to ensure it suits your lifestyle and enhances the overall harmony of your home.


Gothic Bed King Size Bed in RHS Collection - Gertrude Jekyll Trailing Vine: Brown

Featured Product: Gothic Bed King Size Bed in RHS Collection – Gertrude Jekyll Trailing Vine: Brown


What does your dream bed look like?

The style and design of your new bed should ideally resonate with your personal taste and complement your bedroom’s décor. This is something we at Sofas & Stuff excel at, as our handcrafted bed frames can be upholstered in any suitable fabric in the world.

Consider the mood and feel of the bedroom in question – this will influence both fabric choice and bed style. Whether you lean towards the minimalist elegance of clean lines and neutral tones for a contemporary space, or the design flourishes, textures and hues of a more traditional setting, your bed should look the part.

What is the mood you wish to evoke – serene and tranquil for unwinding after a long day, or bold and vibrant to energise your mornings? The materials, colour and design of your bed frame and headboard all play a significant role in this aesthetic process.


Featured Product: Bermondsey Double Bed Headboard in RHS Collection William Hooker Design Fruit Base in Whitewell Meringue


A deeper dive into your bed’s design

Selecting the perfect bed is a journey into the essence of comfort and design. This section is dedicated to guiding you through the specifics of bed design, tailored to our collections.

From the measurements of your bed frame to its upholstery and the essential comfort provided by its mattress, each aspect will bring you one step closer to your restful retreat.

Size and dimensions

The right sizing and dimensions for your new bed are crucial to ensure your space flows naturally. It is vital to balance comfort needs with access considerations and space availability. 

We can customise the headboard height of our made-to-order bed frames, while the width of our beds is standard size. Measuring your room ahead of time is an important step – based on these measurements, opt for one of our below bed frame sizes:

Bed size Dimensions Ideal for…
Single 103 cm to 127 cm in width. Children’s beds or solo sleepers, offering compact comfort without occupying too much room.
Double 149 cm to 162 cm in width. Individuals seeking more space or couples with limited room.
King size 164 cm to 177 cm in width. A little extra space for couples, providing ample room to stretch out and ensure a good night’s sleep.
Super king size 194 cm to 207 cm in width. Unmatched space, perfect for making your bed the centrepiece of your room’s layout.


Featured Product: Pentlow King Size Bed in Sole Linen



The headboard of your bed is central to both the look and functionality of your bed frame. A canvas for your chosen upholstery fabric as well as finer details such as contrast piping or buttoning, it is a key consideration in the design of your new bed.

Below is a more in-depth look at some of the styles and varying features of our elegant headboards, from classic silhouettes to more contemporary designs:

Headboard style Features Models
  • Sleek, classic lines
  • Simple, arched curves
  • Inverted curves
  • Camel shape curves
  • Dramatic, shapely curves
  • Winged panels on the left and right-hand side
  • Scrolled headboard and foot end
  • Sleigh bed style
  • Shallow hand buttoning
  • Deep hand buttoning
  • Classic hand studding
  • Jumbo hand studding
  • Vertical panelling

If you’re seeking classic elegance, styles such as the Pentlow and the Bermondsey are inspired by traditional designs and look beautiful in traditional homes. The Pentlow’s scrolled head with deep hand buttoning offers a regal touch, while the Bermondsey’s curved, camel-shaped headboard is accentuated by rustic hand studding.

For a more contemporary feel, the Camden epitomises a simple, minimalist elegance with its distinguished “double headboard” and shallow buttoning.

With a variety of styles to choose from, it is not only the shape and form of your headboard that should be considered. One important factor to keep in mind is the orientation of your bed. If the back of your headboard will be visible, note that our standard designs typically do not include upholstery on the reverse side, though this can be accommodated if required.

This detail is crucial for ensuring the headboard integrates seamlessly into your room’s layout and design theme, and is something that our design consultants will clarify with you.

Bed base

The base of your bed plays an important role in providing support and enhancing the comfort of your sleeping experience. There are several types of bases which include sprung slats, solid slats and divans.

Our standard offering is slightly sprung slats with central legs providing optimised stability, ensuring an even distribution of weight to promise superior comfort levels. Consider whether a divan bed base might suit your needs more closely, with its platform surface providing additional support compared to slats.

Divan beds also have the benefit of additional storage options, keeping your bedroom clutter-free with accessories such as bed linen and throws easily to hand.

From an aesthetic perspective, we offer bespoke legs and feet options for your bed base. Crafted from solid wood, these can be finished in a variety of stains to complement your bedroom’s décor.


Brick Lane Bed Double Bed in Floral Linen: Filicopsida Batik fabric

Featured Product: Brick Lane Bed Double Bed in Floral Linen: Filicopsida Batik



Choosing the upholstery of your bed is a personal choice and one that many of our customers delight in. Below are some tips from one of our design consultants, Jill, at our Fittleworth showroom.

When it comes to the upholstery of your bed frame, there is an exciting opportunity to express more adventurous design choices. Our customers often feel more drawn to experimenting with patterned fabrics, such as our Floral Linen collection, or if a plain is preferred, many like to embrace the refined elegance of a plain velvet.

Linen, in general, is often a favoured choice for upholstering a bed frame owing to its comfortable texture and resistance to wear. For a calm and tranquil bedroom space, it contributes a natural and relaxed look.

Beyond the aesthetics of your chosen upholstery fabric, practical considerations remain paramount, particularly for those with children or pets. Hard-wearing or stain-resistant fabrics that can withstand the occasional mishap without a decline in aesthetic appeal are essential. 

Marking from natural oils in hair on headboards is a common concern; choosing fabrics that can easily be cleaned or patterns that disguise such marks can help maintain the pristine condition of your bed.

Additionally, consider the impact of sunlight on your upholstery. If your bed will bask in considerable sunlight – for example, being placed near a window – consider a lighter colour fabric to minimise the visual impact of fading.


Deciding which mattress is best for your needs might be the most important factor for a restful night’s sleep. All of our luxury mattresses come in standard sizes, but the tension can be customised to your preference: soft, medium, firm or extra firm.

The spring count of your mattress is also linked to its firmness, as well as the weight distribution. We offer a range of pocket-sprung mattresses with varying spring counts, from our Superior Natural 1000 Mattress to our Pillow Top 7000 Pocket Spring Mattress.

A memory foam mattress, such as the Memory 3000 Pocket Spring, is favoured for maintaining a stable temperature while also offering superior support for certain ailments. For those with allergies or sensitivities, a hypoallergenic, natural latex pillow top such as the Pillow Top 4000 Pocket Spring can support a peaceful night’s rest.

We highly encourage customers to visit our showrooms and try out different mattresses. Our experienced design consultants are on hand to help guide you towards your perfect sleep solution, ensuring the choice you make supports your sleeping habits without compromise. 


Camden Bed in Portland Velvet Brass & Pampas Saffron fabric

Featured Product: Camden Bed in Portland Velvet Brass & Pampas Saffron


Craft your perfect night’s sleep

In this bed buying guide, we’ve explored the essential considerations to select a new upholstered bed and mattress, from understanding your needs to choosing the right size, design and materials. The perfect bed provides the foundation for restful slumber, tailored to your personal comfort and style preferences.

We invite you to visit one of our nationwide showrooms to experience the comfort and quality of our collection firsthand or explore our options online. Our dedicated design consultants are ready to provide personalised guidance and recommendations, with one-to-one appointments available at your convenience.

Abby Gadd