5 compelling reasons to choose a blue sofa for your home

Our living spaces should make us exhale a breath of contentment when we open the door after a busy day, or open our eyes to a new morning. Life is not always perfect, and there are undoubtedly times when we’ll notice the build up of clutter before anything else. Nevertheless, how we decorate and furnish our interiors can play a huge part in building a sense of wellbeing that sums up the essence of home. So casting moments of untidiness aside, imagine walking into your living room and being greeted by a sense of calm and tranquility, centred on a beautiful blue sofa, snuggler or chair.

Choosing the perfect sofa is more than just selecting a piece of furniture; it’s about about curating an atmosphere that reflects your individual style and personality, as well as enhancing your living space. Your sofa serves as the focal point of your living room, anchoring the design and setting the tone for the entire space. It’s where you unwind after a long day, settle down with family, host gatherings with friends, and create lasting memories. With so much significance placed on this one piece of furniture, making a careful and considered decision on both style and colour is paramount.

Amidst the myriad of sofa options available, the choice of a fabric colour stands out as one of the most important elements to consider. A perennially popular option is the blue sofa— a versatile and timeless choice that effortlessly elevates any room it graces. Let’s delve into 5 reasons why opting for a blue sofa could be the ideal choice for enhancing both the style and ambiance of your home.


1. The uplifting nature of blue

The psychology behind choosing blues for your interior design

Blue is more than just a hue; it’s a well-recognised symbol of tranquility, serenity, and relaxation. From the vast expanse of the sky to the soothing rhythm of tidal waters, blue surrounds us in nature and evokes a sense of peace and harmony. In interior design, incorporating shades of blue can transform a living space into a sanctuary and a refuge from world outside.


Blue sofa inspiration with the Alwinton LHF chaise sofa in exclusive Floral Linen Lela Mystery Indigo

Alwinton LHF chaise sofa in Floral Linen Lela Mystery Indigo

A mindful and restful choice

Numerous studies have shown that blue has a profound impact on our emotions and well-being. Psychologists have long recognised the calming effects of blue, its ability to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress, and promote feelings of relaxation. When surrounded by blue, individuals often report feeling more serene and at ease, making it an ideal choice for soft furnishings in spaces dedicated to rest and rejuvenation.

Studies have also explored the relationship between colour and perceived spaciousness, with findings showring that rooms painted in shades of blue appear larger and more open, contributing to a sense of airiness and freedom. This effect can be particularly beneficial in smaller living spaces, where creating the illusion of space is paramount.

By leveraging the psychological effects of blue in your home decor, perhaps with a blue sofa, chair and footstool, or with a blue upholstered bed, you can cultivate an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, transforming your room into a haven of peace and serenity.


Arles upholstered bed in Floral Linen Zefferino Danish Giril

Arles king bed in Floral Linen Zefferino Danish Girl

2. Versatility and variety: blue, the chameleon colour of interior design

Plentiful shades

Blue sofas integrate well into a wide range of design styles, making them an appealing choice for any home. There is no doubt that interior designers enjoy blue for its versatility. The adaptability of blue lies in its wide spectrum of shades, from soft pastels to deep indigos, allowing for endless possibilities in design.

You’ll be able to find every iteration of blue, in plain weaves, checks and stripes, as well as stunning prints, in our vast library of fabric books. We have a diverse offering for you to view online, including our beautiful exclusive and signature prints and weaves, but for a truly unrivalled choice why not come in-store to browse and seek advice from our experienced design consultants.

Inspiration for blue sofa fabrics with RHS Gertrude Jekyll fabric designs printed on a viscose linen blend

Fabrics from RHS Collection, Gertrude Meadow Flower Reversed Duck Egg, Meadow Flower Brown and Trailing Vine Navy


Stripes, prints or plains

Blue tones possess a remarkable versatility that transcends fabric types, whether it’s the enduring elegance of linen, the durability of cotton blends, or the luxurious softness of velvet. From classic stripes to intricate prints and understated plains, blue hues effortlessly adapt to various patterns and textures, infusing each fabric with its inherent sense of tranquility and sophistication.

We take pride in offering the widest range of blue fabric choices, which combined with our ability to accommodate your own customisation requests, ensures that you have unparalleled options to create a blue sofa, chair or footstool that perfectly expresses your style.

Inspiration for blue sofas with the Alwinton 3 seater sofa in Hovingham Woven Linen Stripe Navy

Alwinton 3 seater sofa in Hovingham Woven Linen Stripe Blue, and Woven Linen Stipe Ganton, Baldersby and Hovingham fabrics.


3. The timelessness of a blue sofa or chair

Using blue in your interior scheme will build longevity into your home. It’s a timeless classic that has stood the test of time, earning its place as a perennial favourite. From the vibrant blues of Mediterranean tiles to the soft hues of French toile, blue has been a key colour for in design and for interiors across cultures and time periods.

We love the intricate but elegant Lattice pattern from our exclusive RHS fabric collection, taken from a small, undated, watercolour study by renowned 19th century garden designer, Gertrude Jekyll, held in the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Lindley Collections, a design that has heritage and history and yet will work in a wide range of settings. It’s shown here on our Sennen chair.

Inspiration for blue sofa and chairs with Sennen armchair in blue RHS Gertrude Jekyll Lattice fabric

Sennen armchair in RHS Gertrude Jekyll Lattice Blue.


4. Creating a focal point with a blue sofa

How to use a blue sofa to define a room

The clarity of a bold blue sofa will naturally command attention in a room, becoming the focal point that anchors a design scheme. Whether it’s a beautiful pattern in a soothing sky blue, or a vibrant plain weave in a cotton or linen blend, a blue sofa will infuse your space with personality and flair. As the centerpiece of your living area, a blue sofa sets the tone for the entire room, inviting family to settle and guests to gather and relax.

Classic English style blue sofa in mohair velvet Indigo and RHS Gertrude Jekyll Meadow Flower design in blue

Coates 4 seater sofa in Mohair Velvet Indigo and RHS Gertrude Jekyll Meadow Flower Blue


For those who prefer more traditional decor, a classic blue chair or sofa will serve as a timeless centerpiece, without overpowering a room. An elegant navy velvet or soft blue linen can be paired with stripes or florals, in companion pieces, or as curtains, for rich and layered feel. Incorporate warm wood tones and antique accents to evoke a sense of heritage and charm, creating an elegant yet inviting atmosphere.

Plain and printed fabric blue sofa inspiration with Leyburn 3 seater sofas in V&A Drawn from Nature Willow in Navy and in Linara Steeple Grey

Leyburn 3 seater sofas in Linara Steele Grey and in V&A Drawn from Nature, Willow, Navy.


In eclectic spaces where your creativity and distinctive personality is celebrated, choosing furnishings in a variety of blues will anchor a scheme, bringing everything together in a cohesive whole. Mix and match different textures, patterns, and colours to create a vibrant and eclectic look that reflects your unique personality. Experiment with bold accessories, quirky artwork, and unexpected combinations to infuse character and personality into the room.

Eclectic print fabrics for blue sofa inspiration with Holt 3 seater sofa in Ralph Lauren Florence Linen Damask Storm with scatters in Ralph Lauren fabrics

Holt 3 seater sofa in Ralph Lauren fabrics, Eliza Floral Vintage Blue, Florence Linen Damask, Calvados Ticking Linen.


Alternatively, a blue sofa can be a focal point in and of itself; a bright canvas for self-expression. Minimalist enthusiasts will appreciate the simplicity and serenity that a blue sofa brings to their space. Opt for clean lines, pared-down furnishings, and a neutral color palette to create a sense of calm and tranquility, even when choosing a bright hue.

Blue sofa inspiration, with Leyburn 3 seater sofa in bright blue fabric and blue patterned velvet footstool

Leyburn 3 seater sofa in Linara Bilberry.


5. Practical Considerations: blue sofas for real life

When investing in a blue sofa for your home, it’s essential to consider not only its aesthetic appeal but also the practicality and durability of your choice. By addressing these practical concerns, you can ensure that your sofa will stands the test of time, providing comfort and style for years to come.

Consider your lifestyle and requirements carefully, discuss these with our experienced design consultants and they will help you settle upon the best blue fabric for you, be that a clever, stain-resistant velvet or an easy clean cotton blend. If your pets will be sharing your sofa, it may be best to avoid a more loosely woven fabric, such a linen.

Equally important is to consider the amount of direct sunlight that will fall upon your sofa. If it is for a very sunny, south facing room, consider choosing a lighter shade, perhaps in a pattern, rather than a vibrant plain that may experience more obvious fading.

By carefully considering fabric composition, stain resistance, and maintenance requirements, we can help you find the right fabric for your blue sofa that not only enhances the beauty of your home but also meets your practical needs and lifestyle preferences. With proper consideration and maintenance, your blue sofa will continue to be a cherished centerpiece of your living space for years to come.

Blue sofa inspiration with coral design print fabric Sofas & Stuff Cooksbridge 4 seater sofa

Cooksbridge 4 seater sofa in Cloth 21 Coral 1 Lagoon.


Feeling the allure of blue? Let’s embark on a journey to discover your perfect shade of blue and create an inviting haven of style comfort in your home. Why not visit your local showroom, or book a design consultation with one of our team, to find your own rhapsody in blue.

Abby Gadd