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Murray Hurst Interiors is an interior design studio based in Harrogate and Leeds. Run by highly experienced and talented designer Natalie Murray-Hurst, Murray Hurst Interiors offer a complete interior design service covering all aspects of remodelling and consulting from bespoke joinery, soft furnishings, lighting, project coordination and styling.

Natalie’s style could be described as timeless and balanced, working with contemporary elements and tactile textures. From the sensitive restoration of grand properties to busy family homes every project is bespoke and finished to the highest standard.

For many of Murray Hurst Interiors projects, we are so proud that Sofas and Stuff is Natalie’s go to for bespoke sofas, beds and chairs. Our extensive fabric library ensure Natalie and her clients find exactly what they are looking for. While our British made furniture is finished to the highest standard meeting the exacting standards of Murray Hurst Interiors.

We are thrilled to take a seat on the sofa with Natalie and tap into her extensive knowledge and experience in interior design.

Understanding your clients vision and ideas is so important at the beginning of a consultation, what questions do you like to ask to start the conversation?

The initial consultation is the time to gather as much information as possible about the client’s desires for their home and to establish a very clear brief from which to commence the design journey. Typically, questions would include: What elements do you already like/ dislike? What style are you most comfortable with? what are your practical needs? Do you have any belongings such as furniture pieces, artwork, accessories you would particularly like to keep that need factoring into the design? The key is to listen to the client’s ideas then guide and steer them towards the best decisions.

sofas and stuff

You like to use a pared back colour palette and symmetry in your sitting room schemes, what is your starting point when redesigning a sitting or living room?

The starting point for me is always the space planning – considering all possible layout options then developing the one that works best. Admittedly, I have an obsession with symmetry, it just feels so natural to me to create balance in a space, which gives a sense of harmony.  I particularly like to design bespoke cabinetry either side of a fireplace – it is a great opportunity to create order in a room, which in turn provides practical storage, can house AV equipment, as well as allowing ornaments, framed photographs and books etc to be displayed, all of which add that essential personal touch to a home.

sofas and stuff

Choosing the right sofa in the right fabric for a space can be a little daunting, what advice would you give to our readers?

The shape and design of a sofa should reflect the style of the individual home and scale should be a key factor – ensuring that the dimensions of the sofa suit the space, i.e. not too large so it dominates and not too small so it loses impact. When it comes to fabric choices, ideally style and function need to work hand in hand. Fabrics which incorporate a stain protection element are ideal for family homes.  Opting for a neutral colour will ensure your sofa stands the test of time and you can always go to town with scatter cushions to introduce colour and pattern if desired.  Finally, comfort, of course, should play a huge role, if the sofa is to be used frequently.

In a sitting room do you prefer a coffee table or upholstered ottoman?

I always favour an upholstered ottoman with a large tray. It is an opportunity to introduce another texture, giving an added sense of comfort to a room.  I always specify fabrics with inbuilt stain protection for practicality and trays which can be spray painted any colour to tie in with the overall room scheme.

sofas and stuff

When remodelling your home it’s nice to inject some individuality into each room do you have any tips for styling a space?

It can be a great feeling when the interior choices in your home reflect your personality, interests and unique style. A home infused with personal elements creates a warm sense of belonging.  Use walls to style rooms – artwork is so personal and reframing will give pieces a new lease of life, create a gallery wall of family photography or children’s school paintings.  When it comes to styling with accessories, try not to overthink it, experiment moving things around until it feels right.

sofas and stuff

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Alysha Stirling