Contemporary Sofa Styles

Contemporary Sofas image and text

What is your interpretation of a contemporary sofa? This is a fairly difficult question to answer, given that mid-century modern can be considered by some to be a modern sofa, despite its retro heritage, or does a clean lined, simple sofa befit the popular contemporary ideas of our modern generations? Maybe a Chesterfield?  Well here’s the inside scoop on what we deem to be a contemporary sofa, with hints and tips on how to keep your space feeling fresh, clean and modern.


Contemporary Styling Tips:

  • Less is more, this is the key to contemporary living
  • Bold, Clean shapes and lines
  • Liberal use of materials such as stone, glass, wood, metals
  • Neutral tones: Whites, stone, greys, taupes
  • Large leafy plants in simple containers


Pastel Interiors
An example of Retro Modern Living with plenty of space

Contemporary L Shaped Sofa

L shaped sofas are perfect for that bold statement that heeds modern living. The Big Softie is perfect for all of the family to enjoy with it’s feather filled, laid back comfort. This contour is perfect for that bold statement that heeds modern living spaces. What’s also so extraordinary about this sofa is that it’s a modular design, so is completely amenable to modern day living giving options that a straight forward sofa may not offer. With two sizes available the L shaped, contemporary world is your oyster, check out the small and large version!

The Big Softie Corner Sofa

Contemporary Vintage Sofa

Lets look at “contemporary” with a retro spin. Now you wouldn’t necessarily pair a chesterfield with contemporary living but this sofa works a treat. A traditional Chesterfield sofa has curved edges and scrolled arms. Our exquisite, contemporary Chesterfield sofa fits the bill perfectly, enter the Haresfield. It’s shape is rectangular giving it edge and an incredibly gallant almost masculine feel that fits perfectly in a modern living space.

Haresfield Sofa in white living room
The Haresfield

Small Contemporary Sofa

Should you be looking for a smaller sofa that is a fantastic multitasker then this is the perfect option! The Stopham is not only a sofa but also an incredibly comfortable sofabed no less! The simple lines of this piece mean that it will work in interiors, old or new. It’s easy to dress up with throws and scatters or left in it’s own beautiful simple design. This sofa has various different sizes so caters for a plethora of surroundings.

Big Softie Sofa in white with rug and wooden chair
Big Softie


Should you be switching up our home and you want that chic, modern living space then there are options available for the perfect sofa. Just remember clean lines and straightforward shapes make for contemporary living. Less is most definitely more! The idea of contemporary styling is about space, using bold furniture but in an uncluttered form. The colour palette is muted with neutral tones, greys, whites and in some cases black. Which contemporary sofa is your flavour?


Alysha Stirling