Easy care fabrics and pet friendly sofas in West Sussex

Children and pet friendly sofas are a practical choice for any busy, family home. In all of our showrooms, we understand the importance of family & pet friendly fabrics. Puppies, crayons and the odd spillage is always an eventuality in any home no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Stain resistant fabric is incredibly practical for accident prone and busy households and is proving more popular than ever. Fabric styles are evolving to ensure that they are hardwearing and suitable for life. We have many options for the mess-conscious but don’t just take our word for it,  see for yourself!

Aqua Clean

Aqua Clean by Ross Fabrics is a beautiful collection of Wipe Clean technology fabrics that only requires clean water and a cloth or sponge to bring your sofa back to looking brand new. The technology works on pens, mud, tea, wine, chocolate and so much more. In the range, as shown above, is a beautiful suede velvet named ‘Dunbar’ that cleans like a dream. As demonstrated by our very own beautiful, if slightly naughty, Thistle. There is also some great textured weaves for a non-velvet finish.

sofas and stuff easy care sofas

Linwood Omega Velvet

Linwood Omega Velvet is one of our favourite and best-selling fabrics ever! This 100,000 Rub Test fabric also comes in a multitude of great colours both bright and subtle. Omega Velvet is 100% Polyester and is finished with a stain resistant layer to ensure ease of use. Perfect for spills and messy pups. The colour range of Omega Velvet is enormous, and is sure to have the right one for your room. The gorgeous pale blue pictured is named ‘Lagoon’ and is just one of the many blues and greens available. Also shown below in colour ‘Linwood Omega Sherbet’ which is a real colour pop.

sofas and stuff easy clean velvet

Staingard service

Unlike our fabrics designed for accidents, this Staingard service can be taken out on ANY fabric, be it a house linen, cotton or velvet or a Linwood Patterned Chenille.

sofas and stuff staingard

Our Staingard service is an optional extra at point of sale to give you 5 years of stress free living on your sofa. If you decide to take a Staingard policy out on your sofa or chair – we gift a handy cleaning kit (as above) with all of the essential cleaning products, should you wish to tackle a mark yourself & promise to remedy rips, tears stains, ink, paints & bleach and even burns for a total of 5 years. You would also be covered against any premature softening of cushion fillings and dye transfer from clothing such as Denim as well as pet damage. This makes any sofa an easy-care sofa – at £40 per seat, a 3 seater sofa would be covered for just £24 a year for 5 years. Ask in store for a full low-down on what you’re covered for and why it’s such a fantastic service to have for your furniture.

Whether you are looking for a new sofas for your busy home or wondering which fabric is best for your pet friendly sofa. The sofas and Stuff design consultants are on hand to guide you through the process to find you the ideal easy care fabric for your home.