On the sofa with Anna Ward AKA Furnished by Anna

Kent based interior designer, Anna Ward established Furnished by Anna in 2008. From contemporary to more traditional projects Anna offers an interior design service and home consultancy. Whether you are looking to inject some personality into a new property purchase or are seeking some advice on how to style and curate a room. Furnished by Anna can help you envisage ideas you would have never considered to transform your home. All within a budget you are comfortable in spending.

Anna’s recent Blue and Gold Lounge project in Sevenoaks,  completely transformed the space. Wall panelling, built ins and a sophisticated blue colour palette has elevated the room. While gold and brass highlights, mustard cushions and deep walnut has created a grown up living room for entertaining and relaxing.

sofas and stuff Alwinton blue sofa

We took a seat on the sofa with Anna Ward and quizzed Furnished by Anna for her top tips and an insight into her world of design.

As an Interior designer, what is your favourite part about your job?

I love working to all the different briefs we are given – our designs are really built around our clients, how they live their lives and use their rooms. No two briefs are ever the same and it makes designing for each client really special and interesting!

Where do you draw your inspiration and ideas from?

The answer that first comes to mind is everywhere but that really is true. It can be from hotels or restaurants when out and about, or magazines and Instagram and looking through the photos for inspiration on social media. It’s always about breaking down the designs elements, making tweaks and adjustments to ensure that it translates well in to the space you’re hoping to use it.

Furnished by anna pink bedroom

What are your favourite trends for 2019?

I really love the ice cream and pastel shades that are starting to come through and hope to use those more with clients. It’s nice to be a little more playful with irregular shapes and patterns to make rooms a little more fun!

In your opinion what changes can make the biggest impact in a space?

Two things, proportion and texture. Furniture needs to be the right scale and shape for the room, or accessorised to pad it out, so that it becomes the focal point you want it to be and doesn’t get swallowed up into the space. Texture is another thing I’m feel is super important – there needs to be a balance of lots of different fabrics and tones and finishes to build up a really comforting scheme and finish things off.

Fiurnished by anna Maple house Sofas and stuff

How do you go about choosing the right fabrics for your clients?

It is always a balancing act between style and function and the fabrics need to tick both boxes to work and be durable for the future. Fabrics with inbuilt stain protection are great for families with children, or those who like a party! Weave fabrics and those with different tones and colours built in to the fabric composition are really great to help furniture fit in with the colour scheme of the room, and break up large furnishings instead of being a solid block of colour.

The Alwinton sofa is a traditional shape that works in so many homes, what is your favourite way to style the Alwinton?

I love the traditional shape of the Alwinton with a modern fabric added on top. A really up to date colour on the classic shape works brilliantly to marry up current interior fashion with a timeless edge.

What tips could you give our readers who are looking to freshen up their living room this spring?

Go with something you love. If you see a patterned fabric or a bold/bright fabric colour that you really really like, then go for it. The safest option will always feel safe – it’s good to be a little brave when buying furniture and much more exciting!

Furnished by anna alwinton sofas and stuff


Alysha Stirling