Haresfield Chesterfield Sofa

Close up of yellow Haresfield and Blue Haresfield sofa

May we introduce you to the classically modern Haresfield Chesterfield sofa. This little number is one of our personal favourites. Its versatility is second to non and a very popular choice with customers nationwide. Handmade in Britain using the finest traditional methods AND it can be covered in any fabric in the world even if it’s not a fabric we have in store….  Lets investigate its popularity….

Chesterfield  with a twist

The Haresfield is a Chesterfield with a twist. A little more modern, more comfortable, more user friendly for todays lounger. It’s squarer shape is more contemporary than that of older styled Chesterfields that were more curved. The shape of this sofa really is a feast for the eye and may we say super duper smart! With the deep buttoned back, a choice of a squared off arm, or the alternative to have the arms that gently slope to soften the otherwise angular form. The sloped arm can be ordered in store only so find your nearest showroom and pop in for a chat! The piping is another really subtle but beautiful detail that gives this sofa a sharp, knockout appearance.  

Haresfield sofa in neutral linen
Neutral Linen Haresfield

The Most Comfortable of Sits

Chesterfields are traditionally not known to be the most comfortable of sits. However, we’ve got this…. Knowing full well how beautiful the Chesterfield is we’ve bridged the gap and introduced supreme comfort into the mix. Our cushions are foam pads feather wrapped for your comfort. Not to mention that two sumptuous scatters are included just to top it off! So don’t be thinking for one moment that this sofa is not opulent, it’s fit for a King, Queen and fellow courtiers. 

Blue Linen Chesterfield
Blue Linen Spring Flavours

Old and New

The wonder of this sofa is that it lends itself exceptionally to old and new interiors. Therefore it’s a sofa that is a life long pal. Should you decide that you want to completely refresh your interior and redecorate, or move from a city dwelling to a ye old England chocolate box cottage this sofa will stand the test of time and fit any surrounding. Some of our customer photos shown below illustrate beautifully how this sofa is so diverse and can be styled however you like!  

Haresfield Sofa in blue living room with green cabinet
“The Pinkhouse” playful Haresfield

Haresfield Fabrics

Lets talk Haresfield Fabrics..The buttoning on this sofa creates pleating which adds a wonderful depth and further detail. Therefore covering the sofa in a plain fabric works superbly as you allow the sofa to do all the talking. We would recommend perhaps a crisp cotton or linen in a neutral shade. Alternatively dare to be bold with a decadent, sumptuous, rich colour velvet such as our Snuggler in Portland Brass, or our sloped arm 3 seater in Linewood Omega Airforce & Vallum!!!    

Snuggler Chesterfield in Portland
Haresfield Snuggler in Portland Velvet Brass

Size is everything

Size is everything! You can purchase this sofa in numerous sizes from an accent chair to fit into a little nook, a snuggler, or one big enough to fit a palace with our enormous large corner group model. If the Haresfield is everything you wished for and more there is a cap that fits.

Well we feel we’ve covered all bases here… The Haresfield is a retro yet modern sofa, which looks great in any space. There really is nothing not to adore about this inspired creation. Timeless to the core and super comfortable… Have a go at designing your own Haresfield. WINNER!

Genevieve Sathasivam