Best Sofas for City Living


Tips for the urban fox…

City dwellers listen up! Sofas and Stuff have created a comprehensive guide to choosing the best sofas for city living. It’s predicted that by 2030 a staggering 92.2% of the UK’s population will be city bound. In this guide we will look at Sofas for small spaces, the best fabrics, modular sits and getting creative in your city space.

Sofas for Small Spaces  

City living can often mean small living. Space is not always a luxury that is gifted to us. So not only do our sofas need to look stylish, be of optimum comfort they need to fit! Two seater sofas can be a real life saver for a space that is more bijou than grand. Armchairs are often overlooked but can be a brilliant addition to a living room as they help to fill awkward nooks and crannies. Some great options are the modern regency Sennen chair, or the super sumptuous Doodle two seater sofa

luxury chair in brown leather fabric

Dark Colours and Texture

It is a misconception that dark colours in a small space make a room feel smaller. By actually embracing darker tones it helps to give context and drama to a compact room. A rich velvet sofa in a pitchy red tone such as the exquisite Abbotsbury snuggler sofa in the colour Pitaya would in no doubt pack a punch and transform any smaller city space, offering sumptuous seating with lustrous texture and oodles of charm. 

designers guild varese fabric

Clever Sleep Sofas

City living can for some create a challenge when it comes to space. What happens when there’s that extra person who ends up staying for the night?  Where will you put them? Enter the sofa bed! Not the unsightly, excruciating sofas beds from days gone by that would keep you awake because they were just so dreadfully uncomfortable, where a wink of sleep would be like winning the lottery. Sofa beds really have come a long way since then, the design options are now endless. So not only do you have an ingenious way to house guests but you also have a super stylish sofa for your city living space of dreams.  

3 seater yellow luxury fabric settee

Modular Sofas

Modular sofas are great multitaskers in the home. Their adaptable nature means that if you have a  difficult living room with an odd layout and proportion you can design your own sofa around your requirements. Alternatively modular sofas can be just the ticket for filling a huge space in a penthouse apartment, with its lego like features getting your grand corner sofa up to higher floors can be done in bite size chunks, solving any logistical issues. 

hambledon modular sofa in neutral fabric

Fabric Protection

Buying your dream sofa is like purchasing your dream car… What design? Which fabric? How will it feel? It’s so exciting!  It has to be the right choice as it’s going to be a part of your life for years to come. It’s not always something that comes to the forefront of ones mind when purchasing your dream sit, however there are small details that really do make a good sofa a GREAT one! With people living very busy lives, or those of us residing in small apartments where we don’t have the luxury of a dining room it can result in us often enjoying a cheeky takeout and a glass of something lovely on the sofa. Quick clean fabrics and hardwearing materials are such a great bonus. Spillages and even muddy paws are no longer an issue as they can be cleaned with water alone, hardwearing materials give a far longer life span. Perfect for those of us with little tots, furry friends or clumsy pals. You can finally order the lightest colour sofa in the knowledge that is always going to look completely fabulous! 

design consultation fabric samples

Hmmmmm, food for thought… We are living smaller and therefore need to be clever and learn how we utilise space, in order for it to work for us. These tips and tricks are a great basis to begin a sofa journey. It’s my belief that with a bit of know how any urban space, large or small can be transformed to glory!

Genevieve x

Alysha Stirling