Your guide to buying a Sofas & Stuff corner sofa

Wadenhoe in Aquaclean Dunbar Oyster

Your guide to buying a Sofas & Stuff corner sofa

Corner sofas are not only admired for their space maximising qualities, but they’re a great way to bring family and friends together too.

If you’re considering buying a cosy corner sofa, let us help you choose one that is simply perfect for your home with our handy buying guide.


Buying with Sofas & Stuff

Your Sofas & Stuff corner sofa will bring family and friends together in the heart of the home, becoming a comfortable, welcoming space for all. Each piece of furniture we craft is exclusive to the owner; from selecting from beautiful upholstery fabrics to tailoring the seat depth to your preference, your corner sofa will be unquestionably yours.

In offering our customers the freedom to choose the exact design and features of their corner sofa, we help to ensure it remains a cherished piece of the home for years to come. This longevity is central to our philosophy, offering value to our customers and honouring the materials and craftsmanship that go into every individual piece.


Why should I choose a corner sofa?

At one time, you might have opted for a larger sofa with a couple of coordinating chairs for extra seating, but buying a corner sofa brings all of that together, becoming a space saver all on its own. The corner sofa has many comforting and social benefits too. Is there any better feeling than snuggling up right in the corner and putting your feet up, whilst watching your favourite film or sneaking in a chapter of your favourite book?

Corner sofas are great for gatherings with family and friends too; the shape helps to bring everyone closer together in conversation, and over time each person will claim their own favourite spot to settle into for a cup of tea and a chat.


Cooksbridge corner sofa in Cloth 21 Oak Leaf Beech


What are the different types of corner sofa?

Besides being available in a range of styles and silhouettes, our corner sofas come in various orientations to suit different rooms. If you already have a clear idea of where you hope to place your corner sofa, consider which of the following will best suit the space.

Stockbridge LHF corner sofa in Sanday Natural

When the corner sofa is in front of you, the longest section is on the left-hand side.

Wadenhoe RHF Corner Sofa in Warwick Manolo Cloud
Wadenhoe RHF corner sofa in Warwick Manolo Cloud

When the corner sofa is in front of you, the longest section is on the right-hand side.


Sofas and Stuff traditional sofa
Alwinton RHF chaise in Cloth 18 fabric.

Inspired by the look of a traditional chaise longue sofa and often also referred to as an L-shaped sofa. These designs consist of three or four seats with an extended section on one side. A great choice if you need a sofa that is just a little smaller, but still gives that same look and feel as a corner.

Alwinton corner sofa in Linwood Delta Azure

The traditional corner sofa look is a squared 90° angle, but a curved corner such as the Upperton gives a softer, rounded appearance which is especially attractive when placed in the middle of the room.

For a truly versatile piece that maximises your space both day and night, a corner sofa bed is a popular choice. These options glide seamlessly from sofa to bed.

What should I consider before buying a corner sofa?

With careful consideration, buying a corner sofa for your home can breathe new life into a space. Whether it’s a comfortable family lounge or a more formal entertaining room, a corner sofa is both a space maximiser and a space definer.

Ahead of your purchase, we would recommend considering the following:

You might think that the obvious place for your corner sofa is of course in the ‘corner’ of the room, but this style can be more versatile than you think.

Depending on the dimensions of your space, and its function in your home, corner sofas are a wonderful way to define a room and create a sense of flow. If you have an open-plan lounge/dining area, a corner sofa can help to act as a bridge between the two to create two separate living spaces. With your chosen upholstery fabric diligently upholstered by our skilled makers, this is an excellent way to appreciate its beauty from every angle.

A corner sofa can have a life outside of living rooms, with many of our customers taking advantage of the family-focused design and incorporating them into a large kitchen-diner space. On the other hand, our smaller modular corner sofas are great for giving a more snug living room a cosy and sociable feel.

Measuring guide for our Wadenhoe corner sofa

Space availability will play a role in understanding where you could place your corner couch. The larger dimensions require a little extra planning to ensure that the space is suitable, without causing a room to feel crowded or stilted.

By measuring both the available space in your room and marking down the dimensions of different options with masking tape or newspaper, you can get a feel for how your corner sofa will fit into your space. Use our Wadenhoe diagram above for guidance on which measurements you should consider, using the below references:

a – total height
b – arm height
c – seat height
d – depth
e – width
f – seat depth
g – access height
h – length


Velvet sofa in Living room
Big Softie Sloped Arm corner sofa in Portland Velvet


Which corner sofa style should I go for?

Buying a Sofas & Stuff corner sofa means that the design journey is only just beginning when you select your silhouette. From your selected upholstery to the finish on the feet, we encourage you to be as specific as you please to create a piece that is tailored to your home.

Choosing your corner sofa silhouette

For gathering family and friends we would recommend our Wadenhoe corner – soft, slouchy and offering classic comfort, this is the ultimate movie watching sofa.

To combine comfort with classic design, we’d suggest our bestselling Alwinton range. The Alwinton is a timeless silhouette, complete with an iconic Howard arm, high back and deep, comfy seat. The curved back is a nod to vintage style while simultaneously being contemporary.

Our Stockbridge sofa brings a modern feel with generous seats for all of the family to sink into, whilst our Cooksbridge offers a more formal appeal with its scroll arms and beautifully turned legs.

Selecting your bespoke upholstery

All of our corner sofas can be upholstered in the fabric of your choosing, be it from a plethora of fabrics in our library or something particular you have in mind.

When it comes to selecting the perfect fabric, colour or pattern for your corner sofa, there is plenty to choose from. The beauty of a corner is its versatility, gracing both more social spaces as well as more formal spaces. It is here that you can best tailor your piece to its functionality; for a family or hosting space, our design consultants would be inclined to suggest more hard-wearing fabrics such as stain-resistant options, velvets, or patterns in durable materials.

In more formal rooms, and particularly suitable for more structured designs like our chaise-end sofas, you might embrace a more refined fabric such as linen, which offers a beauty that ages gracefully.


Alwinton chaise in Floral Linen Lela Mystery


Defining the details of your corner sofa

At Sofas & Stuff, beauty and joy are in the detail. To make your corner sofa truly yours, there are several bespoke design options which our team can guide you on.

Depending on the formality and maintenance level desired, select from three options – duck feather, Quallofil Blue eco fibre, and fibre-and-feather mix – for the cushions of your sofa. You can find out more about each option in our cushion interiors guide.

The depth of your corner sofa is important to consider; this can influence the comfort and formality of your piece. Consider what look you’re trying to create and how the depth and height of your corner, as well as its proximity to the floor, might influence this.

A higher sit, such as our Cooksbridge, offers a less slouchy and more structured option, for example.

Beyond the size, shape and upholstery of your corner, our skilled artisans can add unique design flourishes to your piece. Custom contrast piping can emphasise the elegant lines of your corner sofa or bespoke feet finishes can be tailored to complement your existing décor.

A softer, slouchy corner invites the addition of scatter cushions. These can be uniform in style for a more formal design, or mismatched for a cosy country cottage appeal. All of our fabrics can be upholstered into custom scatters to create a cohesive piece.


Visit our showrooms to discover more

Shop our range of corner sofas, or why not start designing your cosy corner sofa today, with the help of our expert design consultants at your nearest showroom? For guaranteed, one-to-one support before buying your corner sofa, we encourage you to book a complimentary design consultation for a time that suits you.