Spring décor ideas for 2024 – from floral accents to lighter fabrics

Alwinton 3 seater sofa in RHS22 Collection William Hooker design

Spring often feels like an idyllic time of year, bringing a sense of renewal and excitement for the brighter months ahead. Notably, it is a season associated with refreshing the home, and our desire to ‘spring clean’ has roots tracing back to ancient times.

As such, adding a nod to spring in our home décor is a fulfilling way to usher in a season of new beginnings. In our blog, we take a look at how to welcome the season into your home with 5 spring décor ideas, blending timeless styling with spring interior design trends for 2024.

Refresh accent pieces in spring patterns

Fabric is just one of the ways we encourage our customers to design their sofa as if it were their most beloved piece of clothing. Our handcrafted pieces are designed to see you through the years, so while you won’t be changing the fabric of your sofa on a seasonal basis, spring-inspired patterns offer ample inspiration for updating your scatter cushion coverings, or soft furnishings such as curtains and throw blankets.

You might even incorporate additional furniture into your living space, with an armchair, occasional chair, or even a footstool in a fresh floral or stripe.

Large Alwinton footstool in Cloth 18 Ticking Indigo. Photo credit: @hellosophietall

Spring patterns are a wonderful way to incorporate seasonality into your home décor. Florals, of course, come to mind first and foremost, echoing the UK’s natural landscape as it blooms with seasonal flowers; from snowdrops and bluebell-carpeted woodlands to daffodils and tulips in our gardens.

For inspiration, some of our favourite florals include Floral Linen in Lela Mystery Indigo, with delicate blue patterning on a 100% linen fabric, and our botanical collaborations with the RHS, such as Caroline Maria Applebee Collage: Wildflowers.

Kentwell 3-seater, 2-hump sofa in Caroline Maria Applebee Collage

Floral patterns are, of course, timeless – and are seeing a particular resurgence in both spring fashion and interior design trends for 2024 – but are not the only way to add a nod to the spring season in your home.

Light and leafy patterns offer an elegant alternative while similarly taking inspiration from the natural world. In our new collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), launching at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, you’ll discover fabrics which exemplify this beautifully; the Ferns Toile print shown below comes to mind in particular.

Exbury 3-seater sofa in RHS Botanicals Ferns Toile (launching end May 2024)

For something a little more neutral, a gingham or other style of check has a fresh feel, evocative of days spent picnicking, bringing playfulness to the more informal rooms in your home.

Holmfirth armchair in Sanderson Chika Georgie Aqua

Add a spring in your step

As we begin to see in the spring months, swapping thick-pile, heavy winter rugs for flatweave options in natural materials such as jute or sisal offers both aesthetic appeal and comfort.

These materials add new life to your floors for spring and complement any décor with their neutral tones and organic feel. Naturally breathable when compared to high-pile rugs, they offer a more pleasing feel underfoot for both you and your guests.

Haresfield 2-seater sofa in Whernside Spring Grass and Stockport Stripe Hunter.

A rug is just as wonderful for bringing brighter spring hues into your home, which effortlessly lift the space they’re in. You might embrace some of the seasonal patterns mentioned above, such as florals or gingham, or instead opt for a block colour. Classic spring colours often include pinks, yellows, and greens in soft tones, with shades such as peach, tan, and terracotta being singled out for the 2024 spring months.

Choose light and airy textiles

Just as the warmer spring months encourage us to opt for more delicate, natural materials underfoot, it is the perfect time to bring out lighter, breathable textiles that echo the freshness of the season into your living spaces.

Transitioning from the plush and cosy textures of winter textiles to crisper, airy linens can infuse your space with the sense of renewal and lightness that spring embodies.

Kentwell loose cover armchair in Sole Linen (loose cover model currently only available through showrooms)

For curtains, light linen or cotton materials allow the season’s welcoming natural light to filter through softly as the days lengthen.

Helmsley 3-seater sofa in RHS Botanicals Ferns Toile Bark and Manhattan Acorn. Curtains in Stockport Stripe in Flame (RHS fabric launching later this month)

In your bedrooms, you might choose to begin swapping out heavy winter duvets for lighter options, or quilts and coverlets. Bedding in soft pastel hues mirrors the traditional soft shades of spring while creating a comforting retreat for rest and repose. 

For dining areas, refreshing your table linens can be a simple yet effective change. Consider tablecloths and napkins in vibrant spring colours or with subtle botanical prints, perfect for Sunday morning breakfasts or evening meals shared with friends and family.

Declutter and revive your space

A spring clean offers the welcome opportunity to refresh your living area. Incorporate storage solutions, such as natural woven baskets, which not only help to organise belongings but add a decorative touch to any room. 

Wicker or woven baskets can hold anything from books and magazines in your living room to fresh towels in your bathroom, blending function with form. You might also take the opportunity of the spring months to think vertically and update your shelving, maximising your available floor space for gatherings as the weather brightens.

Snuggler sofa in Mohair Lichen with seat cushiion in RHS Gertrude Jekyll Meadow Flower
Haresfield Dipped Arms snuggler in Mohair Lichen with seat cushion in RHS Gertrude Jekyll Meadow Flower

Open-faced shelving provides the chance to revive your space as well as tidy. Place fresh-picked blooms in a spring vase and perch them on your shelves; dot shells about for a nautical nod; or select a few candles with spring-inspired fragrances like fresh cotton, jasmine or orange blossom.

Brighten your front porch with spring details

Bring spring to every corner of your home by updating outdoor spaces as well as indoor spaces. A spring-inspired front porch, for example, can bring joy every time you or your guests walk in. Simply by hanging a wreath on your front door, laden with seasonal foliage and flora, you will be greeted by the sights and smells of the spring months.

Spend a few hours planting spring pots and hanging baskets to adorn the entrance to your home. This is the time of year for a bright and cheerful colour palette; fill planters with everything from crocus to peonies and tulips, decorating around your front porch for a welcome sight as you arrive home.

For the latest in horticultural inspiration, why not look to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show on 21st-25th May 2024, where we’ll be unveiling our latest beautiful fabric collaboration with the RHS in full?

Arun lilies and irises at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Timeless designs, uncompromising choice

Our homes are spaces for both creativity and relaxation. While incorporating these spring décor ideas is a wonderful way to embrace the beauty of the brighter months, we believe the furniture pieces in your home should be timeless in style and comfort.

In every element of our handcrafted furniture – from the upholstery options on offer to the silhouettes we design – we have prioritised lasting and inherent beauty. We also ensure that you never have to compromise on the design of your new piece of furniture, making it completely your own. Our showrooms are always full of inspiration and are where you’ll find our expert design consultants; find your nearest destination or book a one-to-one consultation for personalised guidance and interior design tips.

Abby Gadd