The Kentwell Sofa

Kentwell Sofa in Napoli Grass

The Kentwell Sofa is somewhat of a classic here at Sofas and Stuff and we would very much like to shout about it! This sofa is one of our all-time bestsellers due to its traditional lines and timeless shape. This is our showcase of our complete show stopper of a sit!


Kentwell Velvets

The Kentwell was meant for velvet! So sophisticated and decadent, this sofa looks fabulous in this fabric. There are so many beautiful colours available in our Portland, Rockall and Napoli ranges. Added to that velvets are super clever nowadays, they are wipe clean and completely durable! The shape of the Kentwell shows beautifully the lustre of a velvet fabric whether the colour chosen is bright, muted or a jewel tones. It bounces light off the curved back and then shows light and shade wonderfully with the Howard Style pleated arms. Not to mention velvet has been on trend for several seasons and set to stay.

Orange and green velvet Kentwell sofa

The Kentwells Natural Habitat

May we give you The Kentwell in it’s natural habitat! We absolutely adore this customers photo. It really shows how the Kentwell can fit into any given situation. In this setting the sofa fits beautifully into an orangery setting. The tones are very muted and the theme is very much about bringing the outside in. The fabric pattern of this Kentwell adds another dimension to this space with the added interest of a neutral tone stripe giving a more modern, luxurious edge. Our Dovedale striped fabric was used to cover this particular Kentwell.

The Kentwell in our natural striped linen Dovedale
The Kentwell in a our Dovedale Stripe


The Kentwells Bright side

Despite this sofa having very classical lines and being very traditional would you not agree that it works so beautifully well in a bright, BRIGHT fabric! Our customer photos illustrate this beautifully !!! Our suggestion would be our beautifully soft cotton linen fabric in Pumpkin orange or our Napoli Velvet in Fuschia. An interesting interior design note is to take an item or idea and try to think outside of the box and create something a little different, something inspired, add something bold to something classic and voila!!!! The inner designer in you…

Two Bright Kentwell Sofas
The Colourful Kentwell

The Classical Kentwell

The Kentwell befits a classical setting like no other. Situated in a country pile or in a pretty picture postcard cottage this sofa works for any period property! It is ageless and elegant but fresh and in no way drab. Screaming from its handmade seams “LOOK AT MY VERSATILITY!”…

Light blue velvet Kentwell Sofa
Cosy Kentwell

Fabulous Features

The Kentwell has some really wonderful features. It always looks smart! It’s a no fuss sofa that sits proudly without having to be titivated in any way. There is no need to plump the cushions and therefore completely hassle free! We also offer it in many different sizes, there really is a Kentwell for everyone. You may have a little snug corner that you wish to fill, well we have the ladies chair for that fits the bill. The sizes range from a chair to four seater! Why not mix and match the sizes?! It doesn’t end there….. When ordering you have the option to order your scatter cushions in a different fabric just to keep things interesting!



Ding dong! Now you understand why this is such a wonderful sofa! It’s versatile and beautiful shape illustrates why it is so popular with our customers. It works in any surrounding and will never age! The sofa that keeps on giving…….. The end.

Alysha Stirling