Modern Edwardian Elegance

Edwardian Interiors

Without further ado a briefing into Modern Edwardian Elegance. As brief as this period was it certainly made a big impact on interiors and home design, which is very much still present today. Here are some styling tricks and tips to make the best of any Edwardian space.

The idea behind the Edwardian interior movement was to break away from the often dark interiors from the Victorian era. Homes and living spaces began to morph into a much lighter, brighter affair. Ceilings become taller, rooms well proportioned and breezy, and spaces became clutter free. Today’s modern Edwardian style lends itself beautifully to so many interiors.

Soft Colour Palette

Edwardians used a much smaller, softer colour palette. It aided the light breezy feel that they so adored. Farrow and Balls Ringwood Cream and the Clavering Sofa in Cloth 18 Stripe – Ticking Indigo are the perfect pairing for this effortless style. For a super modern approach a white wash over your walls also works incredibly well and highlights furnishings beautifully. 

Clavering Sofa
The Clavering Sofa

A playful Colour Pop

That said, for the more playful home-owner, a colour pop is equally as dazzling! Pastel colours were very popular with the Edwardians, especially with pretty floral fabrics and wallpapers. To nail this look we recommend pairing the sumptuous Cole & Sons Hummingbird wallpaper in blue with the Helmsley snuggler in Deep Pink.  

Kentwell Sofa in Napoli Grass
The Kentwell Sofa in Napoli Grass


Any Modern Edwardian home befits velvet somewhere along the line, may that be in your living room or perhaps a fabulous velvet headboard to envelope you as you sleep. Velvets add an air of glamour, of luxury, of opulence. Staying with the de-cluttered vibe, furnishings should be kept to a minimum, with clean lines and fuss kept to a minimum. Opting for a classic style sofa in a coloured velvet fabric such as the Haresfield Chesterfield would be a perfect fit! To add an extra je ne sais quoi why not add a handsome footstool such as the Pentlow footstool for lounging come rain or shine! Perfect! 

The Haresfield Sofa
The Haresfield in Linwood Omega Airforce & Vallum

Scandi Style

As I’m sure most are aware Scandi Styling has been “a thing” for quite some time and shows no sign of moving anywhere anytime soon. There’s very good reason for this, the simplicity of it can work in any manner of spaces, whether your home is a compact city dwelling or a sprawling manor. The beauty about Scandi styling is that it is clean, fuss free and minimalist, which works perfectly with Edwardian architecture. It allows for architectural details such as fireplaces and cornicing to do the talking. If there is a nook to fill then keep it simple with an accent chair such as The Thistle Chair and simple muted furnishings to compliment the space.  

The Thistle Chair and Wooden Stool
The Thistle Chair

The Edwardians brought light and air into their homes, which is still evident in many homes today! Long may it continue and delight us forever more… 

G x

Alysha Stirling