Ian Mankin Fabric House at Sofas & Stuff

Ian Mankin at Sofas & Stuff

Sofas & Stuff pride ourselves on our British handmade bespoke furniture and we love working with fabric houses who have their foundation in British manufacturing. Ian Mankinfabric house is a fabric supplier who holds onto their traditions of manufacturing all their fabrics in Britain.

Helmsley Sofa in Ian Mankin

A Brief History of Ian Mankin

Founded in 1983 Ian Mankin Fabric house are known for new, stylish interpretations of natural and organic fabrics. They continue to produce fabrics that are both simple and timeless in their colours and designs.

“when Ian first started the brand in 1983 he saw the beauty in the simplistic nature of fabrics such as a hopsack or calico and understood that paying attention to pattern, colour and quality could create a fabric that, whilst humble in nature, gives the feeling of real luxury: a beautifully crafted and considered fabric that stands the test of time.”

All Ian Mankin fabrics are made using natural fibres and no chemicals are added during the weaving process. This ensures a completely natural and organic feel to your furniture. They are the first cotton-weaving mill in the UK that has received certified Global Organic Textile Standard.

A Classic Stripe

Ian Mankin Fabric House at Sofas and Stuff

The team at Ian Mankin fabric house had this to say about their classic striped fabrics:
“A good stripe isn’t only about the colours that work together, it’s also about the negative space between them that creates a quality pattern. In a ticking stripe, you have the central coloured broad stripe with a thin stripe either side this gives the illusion of a wider stripe without it being too bold, in a way it feathers the edge of the stripe.

By doing this we create a softer more tonal stripe which doesn’t give as much strobing (the distorting effect on the eye) as high contrast, the solid printed stripe can give and makes for a very liveable fabric.

If you take a close look at an Ian Mankin ticking stripe you will see that the herringbone in each of the stripes is centralised.  This process demands a lot of care and attention from the weavers and can have a subtle effect on the aesthetic of the stripe as the weave adds a dimension to the overall pattern. The structure and density of the herringbone weave also give the ticking fabric its durability and makes it highly practical in upholstery.

I think this is why a ticking stripe has become a design classic. It’s a hard wearing but beautiful, utility fabric that has remained contemporary but not too fashion forward.  It will pop in and out of the mainstream as trend dictates but the purveyors of ‘real luxury’ understand the superiority of a great British woven ticking stripe.”

Fabric Collections

Ian Mankin Fabric Collections

Ian Mankin fabric house contains 11 fabric collections. Each collection has a unique look and feel to it, here are some of our favourites:

The Zero Waste Initiative

“Take a load of yarn destined for the landfill, a bunch of talented designers and weavers and a Lancashire weaving mill determined to reduce its waste and what have you got?”

This collection is a challenging one but Ian Mankin is determined to create a fabric line that produces no waste and even re-uses yarn destined for the landfill. The fabric designs are all limited edition runs.

The Coast Collection

Inspired by breaking waves on the shoreline with white and blue being predominant throughout. This collection consists of over 36 fabrics from gossamer lightweight sheers to chunky textured chenille in linen and cotton.

The Perth Collection

This collection is a move away from traditional single yarn to rich, heathery textured multi-dimensional weave the Perth collection. The collection has an almost iridescent finish to it. This collections fabrics are priced to make it affordable without a compromise on the quality. Designed to mix and match with Ian Mankin’s recognised stripes and checks it is perfect for your home.

The Ashfield Collection

One of Ian Mankin’s most exciting fabrics this is their collection made entirely from wool. The collection is unique in that all the fabrics are reversible. This allows you to create different effects and patterns depending on which side you choose.

Ian Mankin Striped Fabrics at Sofas & Stuff

The Britannia Collection

The Britannia collection introduces a deep dark navy blue to the colour palette. It brings together a selection of new designs and existing designs all with a new twist. Woven from natural cotton and linen fibres it is ideal for upholstering furniture.

The Peony and Pink Collection

The name gives this one away, with a huge selection of patterns utilising the colour pink. This fabric collection is ideal for someone looking to add a playful look to a room.

The Mono Collection

Utilising large bold designs of single colours this collection is ideal for someone looking to create a statement. The playful use of colour and negative space allows for a wide variety of options and looks.

Ian Mankin also has a large selection of other collections which utilise specific colour tones. For more information visit their site.

Camden Sofa in Ian Mankin Fabric

Fabrics at Sofas & Stuff

Here at Sofas & Stuff, we love to give our customers the choice to upholster their furniture in any fabric in the world. For more information and to order some fabric samples why not visit one of our nationwide showrooms. Here you will be able to browse our extensive fabric libraries. Speak with one of our experienced design consultants who can ensure that you are looked after.