A Sofa Bed for Sleepy Heads


Are you searching for solutions for sleepy guests? If your house is full to the brim and you’re out of spare room options then a sofa bed could be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

Long gone are the days of compromising on comfort in order to squeeze a mattress into your ideal sofa design, and equally, you’ll find the mattresses in these little treasure troves to be comparable to the comfiest of guest beds. In fact, what could be better than combining two of our favourite things, a British, handmade sofa and a super comfy bed to create the ultimate place to soothe away the stresses of a long day.

So if you are choosing a fabric sofa bed for small spaces, corner sofa beds to fit the whole family, or a sofa bed just for surprise stopovers, you’ve come to the right place for all the advice you could need to help you choose the perfect one for you.

A Snuggly Sofa Bed Mattress

For years, a sofa bed mattress was considered the ultimate way to deter any surprise guests from turning up, hoping to spend the night but with a Sofas and Stuff sofabed, you’ll have to find new ways to tell your guests it’s probably time they headed home. As much as it’s lovely to have your friends and family to stay, you’ll need your space back eventually! All of our British sofa beds come with a cosy little treat inside; choose from either a deep, pocket sprung mattress, coil springs or a memory foam sofa bed that’s to die for in the comfy stakes.

Don’t take our word for it, pop into any of our 12 showrooms nationwide and have a little lie down. We’ll even wake you up with a nice hot cuppa if you happen to doze off (and who could blame you if that were to happen!?)

What’s Your Sofa Bed Style?

As with all of our handmade sofas, your sofa bed can be super stylish too as you cover it in any fabric in the world. Flick through fabric books to your hearts content and we’ll guide you through the process. If you’re trying to pair with an existing chair or make a statement with your new fabric sofa bed, we’ll be able to help you find just the thing to make your interiors sing.

From Andrew Martin to Zoffany and everything in between, you’ll find hundreds of fabric choices packed into our lovely little barns. And for inspiration from home, you can order your free fabric samples to be delivered to your door.

Corner Sofa Beds

If you’re looking for the squishiest, squashiest family sofa, there’s no disputing that a large corner sofa will reign supreme. There’s room on our Langdale sofa for everyone, even the dog, or take advantage of it’s super soft seats and stretch out and enjoy the ultimate sofa indulgence. The Langdale’s 10cm deep, pocket sprung mattress will keep even the fussiest of guests happy, just add a snug duvet and fluffy feather pillows, which can even pack neatly away in the Langdale’s storage stool.

Small Sofa Beds

If you’re a little strapped for space, a small sofa bed can help make the most of the room you have. Turning your study into a dual-purpose room will give your guests a little extra privacy or consider swapping your everyday sofa for a pop-out bed option, that way you can have the best of both.

The Oxwich and Gower models come with a mattress just a little larger than a single sofa bed, and have the benefit of slim arms, meaning you can max out on the seating space. They look great in velvets or cover in cosy wool to make your guests feel even more at home.

Sofa Bed Sale

In search of a cheap sofa bed? Look no further than our sofa clearance page where you’ll find sofas, beds and chairs, all with up to 50% off. You may even find a sofa bed steal from time to time.

Browse our super speedy, Sofa Pronto collection where you’ll find the Paddington sofa bed. It’s just as comfortable as our handmade sofas but features a smaller price tag and can be delivered in as little as 7 days. Choose from a select range of cool and contemporary fabrics, all chosen with practicality in mind.

Now all that’s left is to choose some complimentary and equally luxurious bedding to do your new sofa bed justice. We defy you to not try your new sofa bed out for a night too, we reckon it’ll be one of the best nights sleep you’ve ever had!

For more inspiration for your choice of fabrics, sofas or beds, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, pop by our Pinterest page or check out our customer gallery, packed full of gems that have recently arrived at their new homes.

Alysha Stirling