Fabric in Focus: Luxurious Weaves

Here at Sofas and Stuff the top question we get asked when talking about fabrics is, how practical is this material? We are always hunting through books and talking to designers about the best fabric for a house with a dog, children a cat and a couple of red wine lovers. We are, in fact, the pros when it comes to finding a sofa fabric that is suitable for just about anything you can throw at it and be stylish to boot but what happens if you want to add a little additional luxury to your sofa or you’re bored of wondering what if…? Well we also have an amazing selection of totally gorgeous, luxurious and ever so impractical fabrics that will give your home a total WOW factor, so let us share a few of our favourites with you along with some tips on which fabrics make the biggest statements…

Andrew Martin is big on creating luxurious and striking fabrics. The Berkley book is a real mix of velvets, silks and the odd dash of faux fur, the range gives a feeling of utter indulgence. These fabrics look great when combined with some more natural finishes such as a heavy weight linen or fresh cotton and work really well as accessories, think big fluffy fur pillows, iridescent blinds and curtains and cosy, velvety chairs.

If you are looking for the ultimate in striking fabrics and you are prepared to splash out a little then Mulberry will be just the ticket. The Heirloom Weaves collection is bursting at the seams with luxury, hand-woven silks. These are nestled amongst some of the softest velvets we have ever come across, all in a range of rich colours.


Pierre Frey are our next port of call, we mentioned them a few weeks ago in our Fabric of the month post and there is a reason we are talking about them twice in one month. Their collections are simply stunning but with a price tag to match we think these are perhaps best reserved for cushions or footstools as an accent to something more neutral. They will certainly make a great first impression, even if used in moderation. When flicking through the Saint Honore book you will come across one pain-stakingly  hand-embroidered fabric after another, each packed with character and style.

Now we could go on about the wonderful collections from the likes of Osborne and Little and Designers Guild all day but we think we should save something as a surprise for when you pop into our showrooms for a thumb through our books! In the meantime, we would love to see how you have creatively used luxurious fabrics so send us a photo via out Facebook or Twitter pages.


Michael Curran