The Sofas & Stuff snuggler buying guide

The Sofas & Stuff snuggler buying guide

Charming, compact and cosy, snugglers offer a retreat from life’s hustle and bustle. Handcrafted to order in our Preston factory, buying a Sofas & Stuff loveseat will transform any corner of your home, becoming the designated reading nook, a snug spot to catch up on emails and messages or even a coveted nap spot for your pet.

Our snuggler buying guide will take you through the exciting design journey available with Sofas & Stuff, navigating the details which will integrate your piece into your living space. From selecting the perfect upholstery to choosing the right cushion interiors, discover how to tailor your loveseat to fit both your space and your lifestyle.


Buying with Sofas & Stuff

With Sofas & Stuff, the journey to finding your perfect snuggler is a collaborative and inspiring experience. From the moment you step into one of our inviting showrooms or browse online, you will find a level of choice not offered by other furniture manufacturers.

With every process handled in-house – from construction to delivery – we can offer outstanding service and safeguard the quality of every individual piece. We care deeply about the longevity of the furniture we build and deliver to your home; from the robust foundations of your snuggler to the level of custom detail offered, it will be carefully and consciously crafted to last in beauty and functionality.


What is a snuggler?

Snugglers occupy the space between a 2-seater sofa and an armchair. Known by a few names – loveseats, cuddle chairs – we’ve opted for ‘snuggler’, which we feel nicely sums up its cosy, comfortable role in the home.

Our snugglers typically offer enough room for one to two occupants and their compact size makes them perfect for smaller living rooms or unique spaces such as bedrooms or landings. The width of our models ranges between 105 cm and 145 cm.

Many of our snuggler models are also available as a full-size couch, creating a cohesive look when paired together.

Helmsley Snuggler in Mossop Old Rose

What to consider before buying a snuggler

Before incorporating a new snuggler into your home, there are a few key factors to give some thought to. These points will help to ensure your snuggler meets your aesthetic and comfort requirements, along with fitting into your daily life – a choice you’ll be delighted with for years to come.

Take some time to evaluate where you might place your snuggler. Measure the available space using the helpful guides we’ve created for each snuggler model, which cover dimensions from width to the access height required. It’s worth noting that all of our snugglers are handcrafted to order, meaning our makers can tailor the depth of your snuggler as preferred.

Ensure that there is enough room for your snuggler without hindering the room’s flow. Reflect on how it fits in with existing furniture in your space – does it enhance the area or overcrowd it? 

The beauty of a snuggler is that it fits into nooks and quirky spaces, giving purpose and life to those tricky corners in your home – consider experimenting with placement near a sunlit bay window, at the foot of your bed or in a study.

In addition to the dimensions of your space, the placement of your snuggler depends on its intended function in your home. For many of our customers, a snuggler purchased alongside a sofa is a brilliant way to achieve the same spaciousness as a corner sofa, but with a little more flexibility.

Ahead of your purchase, consider whether your snuggler will serve, for example, as a solitary spot for moments of quiet, or perhaps as supplementary seating for social gatherings. Identifying its role in your home will help determine the most suitable size, style, cushion interiors and fabric, guiding your selections towards practicality and comfort.

Your home’s aesthetic will play a significant role in selecting the right snuggler silhouette and upholstery fabric. 

Consider your interior design style as well as the formality of the room. Our snugglers come in varied styles:

  • The Alwinton and the Aldingbourne are classically elegant, with deep and comfy seats and high backs.
  • For more contemporary homes, look to sleek and simple silhouettes such as the Rye or the Stockbridge with square arms and modern feet.
  • For a more informal look in your lounge, for example, the scatter-back of our Helmsley model is enduringly popular, offering the opportunity to pair complementary fabrics.
  • Chesterfield styles, such as the Haresfield, the Exbury or the Holt are well-suited to more formal or decorative spaces.

We hope that all of our customers can design a piece of furniture that reflects their notion of style, but of course, there can be practical considerations too. Lifestyle factors such as hosting habits, four-legged friends and boisterous little ones can all shape the design choices you make.

With ample choice in snuggler silhouettes, upholstery and bespoke options, practicality doesn’t mean a compromise on style, but rather a balance that ensures your snuggler remains a beloved fixture in your home well into the future.


Making your snuggler yours

Many of our customers are delighted to find that when we say our sofas and snugglers are fully customisable, we really mean it. Our showroom design consultants will be on hand to guide you through the customisation options on offer to you, making recommendations where required.

Read on for insight into how you can tailor your snuggler to your individual preferences, from comfort and support needs to its aesthetic.

Comfort and support

We understand that comfort is personal, which is why we will offer you a selection of cushion fillings for your snuggler. Below is more information about each of our three options.

Duck feather
  • Provides softer, downier comfort which moulds to the contours of your body.
  • Requires a little extra maintenance in the form of plumping.
  • Ideal for an exceptionally comfortable reading spot or cosy fireside seat.
Quallofil Blue eco fibre
  • Provides a soft, bouncy feel.
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic, offering a sustainable alternative to polyester.
  • Ideal for a relaxed, sink-in snuggler with hypoallergenic properties.
3F – feather and fibre around a foam core
  • Provides a balance between soft comfort and enhanced support.
  • A blend of duck feathers and Quallofil Blue fibre set around a foam core.
  • Ideal for more formal, structured seating without compromising comfort, such as in a study.

Myriad upholstery fabrics

Selecting your snuggler’s upholstery fabric is an exciting opportunity to express your individual tastes and blend new pieces with your existing furniture.

Upholstering a snuggler offers the chance to experiment with different fabrics, possibly even to a greater extent than a classic sofa. In cases where a snuggler fills a more decorative function, such as in an entrance hall, selecting two or more fabrics in complementary colours can enhance the shape of your snuggler and create an eye-catching accent piece.

Our Haresfield, for example, looks effective with a velvet body and a printed seat cushion – in this instance, the delicate RHS Gertrude Jekyll Meadow Flower – in varying shades of green.

Snuggler sofa in Mohair Lichen with seat cushiion in RHS Gertrude Jekyll Meadow Flower
Haresfield Dipped Arm Snuggler in Mohair Lichen Seat Cushion in RHS Gertrude Jekyll Meadow Flower

Similarly, snugglers placed in a quieter, less intense space – such as a study or bedroom – might allow you to focus less on durability, and more on showcasing the beauty of your chosen fabric. Here, you might feel more comfortable investing in a luxury fabric, such as our exclusive collaborations with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and V&A.

A soft, tactile fabric such as velvet or linen can add to the comfort of your snuggler, making it a true delight to sink into after a long day. Equally, textured fabrics can add to the visual appeal of a more ornamental piece, as beautifully demonstrated by our Abbotsbury snuggler in tweed-style Linwood Freya Mineral.

Abbotsbury Snuggler in Linwood Freya Mineral with Scatters in Linwood Cosmo

Bespoke finishes

A Sofas & Stuff snuggler transcends the ordinary through its attention to detail and bespoke finishes. Each element is an opportunity to fine-tune and tailor your snuggler.

Choose from a spectrum of wood finishes for the legs to complement your flooring or other furnishings. Detailing such as contrast piping or fringing can be customised to add character or enhance the snuggler’s lines. It is these finishes which add the final flair to a well-crafted piece:

The linen on the main sofa is gorgeous and the V&A willow on our snuggler (my favourite seat) contrasts beautifully, as does the alternate piping on both which Claire suggested …. Just a very happy experience all round.” Cheryl, Sofas & Stuff customer

Our makers can also incorporate custom duck feather scatter cushions into your piece, available in the same wide range of upholstery fabrics as our furniture pieces. These can be used to contrast varying textures, add a pop of colour or simply create an even cosier refuge.


Visit our showrooms for more guidance

When it comes to buying your dream snuggler sofa, don’t settle for something ordinary or just about there. Instead, craft a piece that perfectly reflects you, your family and your home.

Our customers love the look and comfort of our snugglers and with the support of our design consultants have discovered even more ways to create something truly special. Visit us at one of our nationwide showrooms to test some of our display models, and book a design appointment to ensure that one of our team is on hand to help out one-to-one.