The Sofas & Stuff chaise sofa buying guide

The Sofas & Stuff chaise sofa buying guide

The chaise sofa is a celebrated symbol of refined relaxation, inviting us to stretch out in comfort and style. Seamlessly blending form and function, these classic pieces were popularised in 16th-century France and have prevailed in interior design ever since.

Whether nestled in the cosy corner of a bedroom, complementing your living room set-up, or gracing your reading room or study, chaise longues adapt effortlessly to an array of spaces. 

In our chaise sofa buying guide, we have compiled tips to support your journey to the perfect chaise for your home.


Buying with Sofas & Stuff

At Sofas & Stuff, we always strive to nurture a creative spirit. Our sofa models are exceptionally diverse, bringing classic and contemporary styles into the homes of our customers. 

Our design consultants are experts in helping customers work through the specifics of their ideal design. Each piece is handcrafted to order in our Preston factory, bringing together our silhouette and your custom upholstery and bespoke finishes, distinguishing each sofa from the next.

Choice, longevity and value are central to our philosophy. Your creative spirit, alongside ours, results in pieces that are unique to your home and a delight to use for years to come.


Types of chaise sofa

The chaise is a style of sofa or chair that has graced homes for centuries. As with any classic style, certain modifications have been made over time to add contemporary comfort without compromising the traditional flair of its recognisable silhouette.

We have taken inspiration from the chaise sofa to offer two distinct types in our collections. It is your lifestyle and interior design preferences which will influence which you select.

Anglesey LHF Chaise in RHS Gertrude Jekyll Linen Cotton Blend Navy

Our Anglesey and Alwinton models are a beautifully elegant take on the traditional day-bed chaise silhouette, often referred to as a chaise longue (translated literally from the French for ‘long chair’).

The former, in particular, offers a distinctive side-on orientation with a sprung seat, hand buttoning and graceful turned legs completing this look. The Alwinton, on the other hand, offers a more contemporary alternative with a plump cushioned back and seat.

This type of chaise, with its elongated form and often intricate detailing, serves as a magnificent accent piece, whether positioned in a grand hallway, at the end of a bed, or as a statement piece in a sitting room.

Alwinton chaise and sofa in Cloth 18 in the style of Pantone's Colour of the Year 2021

Alwinton Chaise and Sofa in Cloth 18

For a modern take on classic comfort, the L-shaped Alwinton and Stockbridge, along with other models, offer a generous, comfy seating area complemented by an extended chaise-end section for stretching out your legs. 

Akin to a welcoming corner sofa on a slightly smaller scale, the L-shaped design is a beautiful focal point or space definer. It invites conversation and provides ample space for family gatherings, creating a comfortable space that encourages relaxation and togetherness.

What should I consider before buying a chaise sofa?

A chaise sofa is a blend of functionality, style and personal expression within your living space. While a chaise longue may not necessarily be the centrepiece of the room, like our sofas they certainly call for diligent consideration and attention, designing a piece that you truly love.

Below are some of the questions to consider as you approach the exciting journey of envisioning the perfect custom-made chaise sofa for your home.

Your living space naturally dictates the size and placement of your new chaise. Ahead of purchasing, it’s prudent to measure your room diligently, considering existing furniture and ensuring there’s ample space to move around once the sofa is in place. A chaise sofa should complement your room’s flow, not obstruct it.

Consider its location and orientation in the room. Placing your chaise by a window could offer a peaceful spot for reading, while positioning it in such a way that it divides the room can help to define an open-plan space.

Choosing between a left or right-hand facing chaise is an important consideration, ensuring it fits perfectly into the layout and flow of a room.

While this can vary between manufacturers, we consider this to be the orientation of the longer section when facing the sofa from the front. If the extended chaise part is on your left, it’s a left-hand facing chaise; if it’s on your right, you have a right-hand facing model.

Consider the configuration of your living space and the placement of windows, doors and other furniture to determine which orientation enhances the room’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The right chaise for your home should serve as a stylish yet functional backdrop to everyday life. Lifestyle factors, such as how often you host guests, whether there are young children or pets in the house, and the formality of your home can all influence the design and upholstery of your piece, from the silhouette to your chosen upholstery fabric, which we cover in more detail below.

Future-proofing your chaise sofa

Consider your chaise sofa as a long-term investment in the design and comfort of your home. Our priority is to ensure longevity and craftsmanship in every handcrafted chaise, with the highest quality materials and diligent construction by skilled furniture makers.

By carefully considering how your new chaise will contribute to the comfort, design and functionality of your home, and anticipating any needs and preferences, you will ensure your selection remains a cherished part of your home for the future.


Selecting upholstery fabrics for your chaise

Our handmade chaise sofas can be upholstered in any suitable fabric in the world. Within our fabric library, you’ll find thousands of options from the classic comfort of cotton to intricately handwoven Harris Tweed, and from calming plains to enchanting prints. Below are some of the considerations to keep in mind when selecting the upholstery fabric for your chaise sofa. For personalised advice, turn to the expert design consultants at your local showroom, and take advantage of up to 8 free fabric samples.

Embrace printed fabrics

A more formal, decorative chaise sofa can be an excellent opportunity to explore a more adventurous printed fabric. Our exclusive collections with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the V&A include a plethora of unique prints, taking inspiration from the natural world and textile heritage from across the globe.

Fabrics such as RHS Gertrude Jekyll Linen Cotton Blend in Navy or V&A Brompton Collection Ikat Basil, for example, create a striking focal point.

Anglesey LHF Chaise in VA Collection Ikat Basil

Family-friendly fabrics

Our chaise-end corner sofas are delightful in homes that wish to balance design with comfort for the whole family. A stain-resistant or easy-clean fabric, such as Clever Cotton Mix in Forest or Easy Clean Plain in Cream, can help to maintain the pristine look of your L-shaped chaise sofa while keeping it as a shared family space.

Add a touch of luxury

Wherever you may choose to place your chaise sofa, its graceful proportions and classic styling will exude a timeless elegance. A velvet fabric, such as House Velvet in Olive or Indigo can complement this regal allure, with the plush texture and rich, deep tones creating an inviting focal point.

Buttoned options, such as the Anglesey, can look especially effective with a velvet fabric.


Find out more in our showrooms

We invite you to explore the full possibilities for your chaise sofa online or, for a more tactile approach, at one of our nationwide showrooms. Our design consultants will encourage you to try our display models and browse our fabric book collections, taking your time to find the choices that capture your attention.

You can also book a one-to-one appointment with one of our consultants, who will be ready to guide you through every step of the design process at your convenience.