Family Friendly Furniture


Family Friendly Furniture

At Sofas & Stuff we tailor our sofas to meet the needs of your home and family friendly furniture is often a must. When you’re on the hunt for your ideal sofa, we are often all after a balance of style and practicality. Let’s face it, when it comes down to it we can quickly think a dark fabric sofa will ‘hide the dirt’ and ‘velvet isn’t for me-not with my dog’.  It can mean compromising on looks and heading down the mundane route. But we’ve had an idea! What if you could tick all the boxes to safeguard against sticky fingers, biro scribbles and chocolate sauce. With a traditional or contemporary sofa that’s family friendly and dear-we-say-it cream!


Your Sofas & Stuff Sofa

The fabric you choose for your Sofas & Stuff sofa is important. Our design consultants are on hand to guide you through the process and help find the best fabric for you. We have a number of durable house fabrics. Our exceptional care package also gives you complete peace of mind. The care plan will ensure you are covered for any stubborn stains or spills. Our care technicians are on call to attend to your sofa and restore it to new.

Sofas always seem to get stained, especially if there are children or pets in the house. Set yourself up from the beginning with our innovative new AquaClean fabric. This revolutionary engineered technique goes beyond traditional stain protection. Which provides you with simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time.

The power of AquaClean

AquaClean is perfect for homes with pets as odour and bacteria particles cannot sit inside the fabric. This helps to keep your furniture smelling fresh and muddy footprints are a simple wipe away. AquaClean is ideal for young families. AquaClean is so resistant even a toddlers bio masterpiece on your cream corner sofa can be wiped away with water alone. Even Sharpie! With the aid of a gentle fabric detergent then an endurable black mark can be lifted from sight.

AquaClean is also machine washable to concur the build-up of greasy fingers, biscuit crumbs and chocolate, cushion covers can be stripped and washed without effecting the fabrics makeup. Free samples are available to request on our website.


The importance of PFC Free

PFC (Perfluorocarbons) are artificial substances that have been used in the textile industry because they are efficient at repelling water, oils and grease and dirt in general.

Greenpeace has been calling on the textile industry to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its supply chain, highlighting PFCs as one of the priority hazardous chemical groups to eliminate.

Enter AquaClean! AquaClean technology coats each fibre resulting in impenetrable fabric, protected from the inside out. Free from PFCs and harmful chemicals. Fabrics with Aquaclean technology have been certified with the Made in Green® registered trademark, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances in fabrics and that the manufacturing process does respect the environment.

AquaClean is a brilliant eco friendly, PFC free, easy care fabric, perfect for family and pet friendly homes. Join the revolution and have your new Sofas & Stuff sofa upholstered in AquaClean. For peace of mind, easy maintenance and family friendly furniture.

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Katie Clarke