What is Minimalist Decor?


To the eye, minimalist decor is incredibly pleasing. The simplicity and spacious design creates a relaxing atmosphere, just add multi-function furniture to the design and life couldn’t be easier. Minimalist decor uses white as the core colour and adds restrained colours throughout the design. Natural hues and black/brown colours to create the finishing touches to the minimalist space. The elegant styles that come from this trend is aesthetically perfect for anyone who is looking to have the faultless balance of space and light. The beauty behind minimalist décor is that the design is complex and simple at the same time. It brings together the use of space and light, but also gives you the flexibility to bring the outdoors inside with extravagant plants, or you can hang some beautiful complicated art on the wall of an otherwise simple room.


As stated above, white is the core colour to add into your interior to start off a base for your minimalistic design. By keeping the space a neutral and simple colour, it opens up the room and gives you the option to add character in other ways. Adding natural colours through the furniture and accessories of the room is the next step to a minimalist space. Browns and plant-greens are recommended for a minimalist space, as the nature factor keeps in line with the feeling of freedom and tranquillity. The point of a minimalistic space is to keep the room airy, spacious and full of light; this is because a space like that has a relaxing feeling as soon as you walk into it. There is no need for added complication in a minimalist space, just simplicity.


Minimalist decor would not be what it is without the furniture that is put in the space. The use of multi-functional furniture is what any minimalist loves! Sofa beds, folding up dining tables, storage space under a coffee table, etc. This is the part of minimalist decor that can be seen as complex, however, it makes life that little bit easier! At Sofas & Stuff we specialise in creating the perfect furniture for your specific needs and wants.


A perfect example of multi-functional furniture is our brand new Rhossili sofa bed, which is perfect for any minimalistic interior. Although compact, it is a beautiful piece of furniture to relax on. The loose back cushions make it extra comfy. This gorgeous sofa bed is perfect in a minimalistic setting; with the flexibility to choose any fabric from around the world, you can personalise this to your minimalistic design preference.

Minimalist decor gives you the freedom to have a relaxing interior design. Have a look through our collection of sofa beds so create the perfect minimalistic style for your home.

Abi Cooke