Autumn Interior Trends

Large teal blue velvet chesterfield sofa

Our annual Autumn Interior Trends blog is probably one of our favourites of the whole year! We love that change in the seasons, where our thoughts go from outside to in and we start to plan the best way to achieve ultimate snugglieness for the next few months. Autumn interiors spell the return of cosy blankets, box sets and hours spent in our favourite place, on the sofa. So without further ado, here are our top 10 Autumn Interior updates for a home perfectly prepped in advance of the dark and chilly evenings.

Emerald Green

Our favourite tone for the season, emerald green is perfectly placed on rich cotton velvet sofas and can be mixed and matched with deep tones for a look that is irresistibly indulgent for the time of year. Pair with charcoal grey walls, as we have with our Haresfield sofa in Napoli Viridian, and a gorgeous little navy footstool. After all, we never did believe that blue and green should never be seen.

Back to Nature

If the Hygge trend taught us anything last winter, it is that natural products make us happy. Think beautifully crafted woodwork, natural linens and neutral toned stonework. We’re not expecting everyone to move into a treehouse, like our Haslemere chair, but if the opportunity were to arise then why not?

Bold Bedrooms

Wave a fond farewell to white bedding and neutral tones, bedrooms are getting bold! Say hello patterned duvet sets and clashing wallpaper in colours you wouldn’t necessarily consider to be conducive to calm. Your bedroom is the perfect place to let your interior imagination run wild, this is a personal room that will not be on show for the to all of your guests so let’s get creative. Upholstered beds are a canvas, waiting to be wrapped in something dreamy. Choose any fabric in the world for our designs.

Colour Blocking

If you’re struggling to settle on a colour pallet to feature in your home, this interior idea could be the one for you. Pick-and-mix fabrics to your hearts content, using as many as you like in one room. The more clashing the better! A colour block sofa can make a stunning feature; choose a graduated colour scheme or the most outrageous colour contrasts imaginable. Choose a colour block feature wall for added drama or go for a subtle approach with mix-and-match cushions in tones to suit your taste.


Ok, so we’ve been banging the velvet drum for quite a while but with good reason! Choose the perfectly practical stain-resistant variety for family friendly velvet sofas, a one-of-a-kind printed velvet chair or long and luxurious velvet curtains that will rival the glitz and glamour of a west end theatre.


This is the tone that ties together so many of our other trends. Pair this beautiful shade of blue with the jewel tones, it’s beautiful with blush and is a dream come true when paired with a velvet cloth. Teal blue sofas, chairs or snugglers will also stand the test of time as you can mix up the rest of your interiors to suit what’s inspiring you, knowing that a teal sofa will most likely go. Our Cameron Velvet in Mallard ticks the teal boxes for us and you can order a free sample of it to be delivered to your door.

Contemporary Plaids

Say the words wool plaids and the image that is so often conjured up is a traditional tartan or summers spent on picnic blankets. We’re here to give you a fresh new look at this amazingly versatile fabric. Simple checks in cool colours are a great path to wonderful wool chairs and plaid sofas alike, and with so many new mills combining contemporary designs with traditional techniques, you can have your pick of the plaid. And there’s a time and a place for good old Harris Tweed sofas in every home.


Indigo interiors have made our top 10 because of their instant appeal. A stunning indigo sofa will add warmth and depth to your interiors and can be paired with a pretty pallet of neutrals to give your home a calm feel. Add a blush pink chair and a few grey cushions to your navy sofa for an on-trend update.

Blush Pink

Blush or millennial, whatever you decide to call it, top interior designers still can’t get enough of it and neither can we. choosing a blush pink sofa can soften a more masculine, edgy  design and we can’t think of anything better than sinking into a squashy sofa that reminds us of a marshmallow at the end of a long day! Our showrooms are full of fabrics in every shade of pink, just waiting to be perched on in your home.

Statement Chairs

And last but certainly not least, we come to the most eye-catching of all our designs, the statement chair! Set your inner interior designer free with prints that are practically jumping off of the fabric they are woven on. We love this William Morris design and it’s timeless quality. Sofas and Stuff say go mad with your statement chair for a quick fashion fix, choose geometric designs, florals in funky colours or anything else that takes your fancy!

Ali Litten