New Sofa Designs from Sofas & Stuff

new sofa designs from Sofas and Stuff

The time has come, we have three incredibly beautiful new sofa designs for your delectation! It has been extremely difficult to keep this secret under our sofa hats but the time has come to share our big news… With it being Sofas and Stuffs 10th birthday we are celebrating as much as is humanly possible, as part of the festivities we’ve designed three new little beauties! May we introduce the Saltdean, the Apuldram and the Rye!

New Sofa Designs

The new sofa designs all have a common theme running through the very essence of their creation, that being unbeatable value, unquestionable contemporary design and luxury. Paired with our new range of Essential Fabrics or our Signature Fabrics for a classic and timeless look.

The Apuldram

new sofa designs by Sofa sand Stuff

The Apuldram sofa is an amalgamation of both old and new. It’s theme is very much leaning towards a club sofa or perhaps better known for being a traditionally English style. It’s scroll arms and solid wooden legs are key features from a more classic style, it has similarities to our Sofa the Waverley. The shape of the Apuldram is sophisticated and elegant and would look proud as punch in any given home.

The Saltdean

new sofa designs by Sofas & Stuff

The Saltdean is simple, authentic, functional and Scandi to the core! The design of this sofa is fresh and clean with its squared arms, angled bolster cushions and conical smooth wooden legs. That said it offers an uncompromisingly comfortable sit with the deep filled dreamy cushions. We wanted to give the modern edge that the Scandinavian style gives but not to forgo luxury. The Saltdean has oodles of cool cat edge fit for any dwelling.

The Rye

new sofa designs from Sofas & Stuff

The Rye is a sleek, English classic design proportioned for modern day living spaces. Its shape is beautifully modest and elegant. The arms gently sloping from the back of the sofa to the front with a squared finish. The cushions on the Rye are delightfully deep, perfect for that end of the day nose-dive and relax. This sofa would work well if you were feeling a little adventurous, perhaps with a print? Or a luxurious, bold velvet such as the ……


The Apuldram, Saltdean and Rye all come in varied sizes. We wanted the sofas to be available to everyone, therefore to offer differing sizes was imperative. A customer could have an awkward corner to fill, a chair would be just the ticket! On the other hand a 4 seater to stretch upon may be on the shopping list… It’s all in hand, choose from a chair, snuggler, 2 seater, 3 seater and a four! I think we’ve got all possibilities covered don’t you.

new sofa designs sofas and stuff

With your sofa being one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home our aim was to create three contemporary designs with unbeatable value and bags of style. We’re chuffed to bits with the Rye, Apuldram and Saltdean… Why don’t you also take a look at our all-new Essential fabric collection and find the perfect pairing for our new sofa designs. From clever, stain resistant velvets to durable linens and cottons, our Essential Collection offers outstanding value in a spectrum of on trend colours and finishes. Perfect partners for the brand new sofa shapes.

Genevieve Sathasivam