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Islingotn Mixed Tones

Check out Designer Guild’s Mixed Tones!

We’ve fallen in love with this beautiful fabric, the amazing Mixed Tones, by Designers Guild. The charming fabric presents an artist’s palette, and the colours are illustrated by hand written notes and names, which adds to the authentic feel of the fabric. The beautiful colours that are revealed on this fabric create an element of personality to the fabric along with the hand-written notes across it. We can’t get enough of Mixed Tones!

Mixed tones islington single

House & Gardens presents Mixed Tones

The mixed tones fabric has come into Sofas & Stuff and worked its magic! With interior designers and customers alike loving the palette fabric, it has definitely been a winner. We have showcased this beautiful fabric at the House and Gardens Festival and it was received amazingly. Upholstered onto our Islington Single Bed, you can see why this bed was such a hit! The charismatic colours brings character to an others very neutral room. The mixture of the colours means you can dress the beds up with any colour in the palette and it will look gorgeous


Mixed Tones, not just for the bed!

Mixed tones also looks beautiful upholstered onto our lovely sofas. The creativity of the fabric can bring some fun to an otherwise boring room! The beautiful yet unique fabric is a real eye-catcher, and can be the feature piece of any room. Our Petworth small sofa upholstered in Mixed Tones is beautiful. The not-so-subtle fabric is an eye pleaser as well as being sophisticated, and upholstered on the timeless Petworth sofa, you have a match made in heaven.

Petworth small in mixed tones

Come and visit your nearest showroom to have a look at the Mixed Tones fabric up-close and personal. One of our sofa experts will be more than happy to help you whilst you are in our showrooms. If you would like some more personalised help, why not book a free design consultation? Bring some personality into your home with the help of Sofas & Stuff and Mixed Tones.

Abi Cooke