Yellow Sofa Ideas

Are you looking to add a bit of colour to a neutral room? Or wanting to add lots of colour to a room that seems a little dull?

Yellow is the colour that you should be turning your attention towards, with all the different tones that are available your home can’t look better! A yellow sofa is the key feature to any room, whether it is a vibrant bold yellow or a mellow yellow.

You can dress a room with warm colours like orange or pink or neutral colours to complement a yellow sofa. By adding contrasting colour to the room this will create an exciting atmosphere in the room, whereas by using the neutral colours with a yellow sofa it will create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

Ronaldsay Large sofa in Wharfedale Autumn Gold

Sofas & Stuff’s Ronaldsay Large Sofa in Wharfedale Autumn Gold is a patterned yellow sofa. Yellow is the main feature of this sofa but it is complemented with green, red and grey. This sofa is an exquisite example of how a dark toned yellow can look stunning on a sofa. The dark tones would be perfect in a neutral set room, creating a focus point to an otherwise simple room.

Find your nearest showroom to talk to one of our sofa experts about the Ronaldsay large sofa in Wharfedale Autumn Gold.

Camden Midi Sofa in Scarborough Gold Leaf

This is Sofas & Stuff’s Camden midi sofa in Scarborough Gold Leaf. This gorgeous yellow velvet looks beautiful on our chesterfield inspired Camden sofa. This is the perfect example of the bold yellow look on a traditional sofa, this look is perfect for autumn 2016. This lovely bold yellow sofa would look gorgeous in a room filled with splashes of other colours, such as bold pinks and blues.

Have a look at the Camden midi sofa in Scarborough Gold Leaf online.

Caris Bay Snuggler in Rockall Gold

Yellow sofas can be a bit too much for some people and that makes people shy away from the idea of yellow. But how about a gorgeous snuggler upholstered in a subtle dark yellow? Sofas & Stuff’s Caris Bay snuggler in Rockall Gold is the perfect example of a yellow sofa that is a tone too dark to be in your face yellow. This sofa is beautiful for a room that needs a little bit of brightening, and for two people to snuggle on with a glass of wine after a long day.

If this Caris Bay Snuggler in Rockall Gold is the kind of subtle yellow you’d like to add to your room then visit our website!

Leconfield Small Sofa in Portland Wattle

Sofas & Stuff’s Leconfield small sofa in Portland Wattle is the perfect yellow sofa to add to a bold coloured room. When yellow contrasts with nice warm bold colours it makes the room exciting and inviting. By adding this bright yellow sofa to a room you will bring a cheerful atmosphere with it. Another lovely colour that would look great against this yellow is grey. Grey and Yellow always work beautifully together because they create the perfect balance within a room.

Have a look online for more information on Sofas & Stuff’s Leconfield small sofa in Portland Wattle.

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Abi Cooke