Blue Sofas

Blue sofas are the epitome of calm, bringing to mind gentle waves lapping at sandy beaches, cloudless skies, blue lagoons and, of course, your sanctuary at the end of the day, a big blue sofa to put your feet up on. From duck egg to the deepest of nordic blues. Cornflower to indigo, we think the full blue spectrum can find a place in every home, bringing tranquility to terraces in towns, London lofts and country cottages alike.

The brightest of blue sofas look right at home amongst crisp, white walls. For real impact, add another strong pigment in. The purple rug in this picture gives a feeling of fun, along with the furry friend too! Azures and turquoises work really well with pinks, yellows and oranges too or can be toned down with grey or cream tones. Our Haresfield sofa is a top-pick if you’re looking for a modern classic. The button back has a hint of Chesterfield about it but is bought up to date with its squared off arms and higher back.

Cobalt velvet with the darkest of midnight walls are a match made in blue sofas heaven. We love the illusion of movement given off by the fabrics texture, like a swirling sea surface. Velvet will also reflect light back into a room meaning you can be daring and go a little darker with your choice of wall colour. We love blue sofas paired with copper tones. Colours in this area of the spectrum, including peaches, apricots and brass, will add warmth to a look that could otherwise be seen as being a little cold.

A true water baby, the Cafe sofa in Ian Sanderson Shibori fabric has the look of a glistening swimming pool on a hot day. Cool and calming, we would pair with white walls and pick out one of the many shades of blue for accessories. The Cafe sofa has a very modern look and would be right at home in modern apartments and contemporary studies.

Blue sofas can be classic too. Mix with our traditionally styled Coniston sofa for a sofa you just won’t be able to resist snuggling up on. We love this mid-blue paired with dusky pinks, soft stone shades and sage green. A fabric with a high viscose content will not only make a super soft sofa but will have a slight sheen to reflect light into dull rooms. A top tip to remember when choosing the perfect fabric for your spaces.

Of course, blue sofas don’t have to be blue all over! This strong stripe will add a coastal feel to your interiors. You can choose whether to continue with the blue theme or add splashes of poppy red to complete a marine inspired theme without all of the cliche seagulls, anchors and driftwood. For more coastal inspiration, have a read of our Coastal Living Ideas blog.

We hope you are feeling inspired to give blue sofas a go, or perhaps you already have! Get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages and keep up to date with our Instagram page for trend inspiration.

Ali Litten