S&S Interior Advice – Finishing Touches

Welcome to our fourth and last edition of S&S Interior Design Advice! We are going to be giving you all of our top tips on the finishing touches to a room. After you have chosen your colour scheme, furniture and fabrics then next thing on the agenda is all the finishing touches to make your room perfect. This is the flooring, lighting and accessories. The little bits of personality that makes a room have more characteristic and a hint of you!
  • Flooring

Although your flooring is the bit you walk on to get to your sofa, it has a massive impact on your room and your home. If you buy flooring that is hard work to maintain this can take hours out of your week to clean. The flooring is important for the look of the room as well!

  • Materials:

    There are two types of flooring, natural and synthetic. Carpet is easily cleaned with regular vacuuming and most carpets are manufactured with a stain-resistant treatment. Soft and beautiful appearance is also another featured guaranteed with carpeting.


    Hardwood makes a room inviting through its beautiful natural colours. Hardwoods are also extremely durably, if cared for properly they will last you a lifetime. This flooring style is also easy to clean, and spills are an issue of the past!


    Vinyl is a practical and attractive flooring choice. It is rapidly growing in popularity and is a warmer touch to your feet in comparison to stone or ceramic tile flooring. Vinyl is also popular because it is slip-resistant.


    Resin is slip-resistant flooring, made from two polymers. A chemical reaction between these two polymers makes one smooth layer, resulting in incredibly tough flooring.

Lighting is another incredibly important aspect of a room. Any interior design advice article will tell you, a room that isn’t using lighting correctly can either make the room dark and dingy or overly bright, which will just give people headaches. Look into lighting properly and decide where lights should be placed around the room. For example, in a living room you may have a large sofa and two armchairs. Every seat needs a lamp next to it, meaning that is four lamps in total. This is because every place that one person can sit needs to have a source of extra light so that they don’t strain their eyes when reading/watching television. These lamps will also add extra character into the living room.

Now it’s time to add the last of the finishing touches, the accessories. Accessories are the all the small things that make the room a bit more personal. Your personal touch can be added to all the accessories you choose, whether its photo frames or a coffee table with your favourite wood on, it all makes the room and house yours. Have a look at what The People Emporium had to say about finding the perfect accessories for your home!

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Abi Cooke