Go for Green Sofas!

Last year, the interior mags and deco shows were packed full of sunshine infused yellow furniture but this year, we are taking our inspiration from the outdoors and focusing on green sofas and chairs. Wether it be a velvet, a cotton or a wool, we can’t get enough of greens, from lime all the way through to the deepest emeralds.

Our Haresfield is the ideal model to showcase a few green options and we are showing it here in our own Scarborough Velvet and below in one of our faves, Romo Linara. Linara is great for zesty and fun colours, where as the velvet adds a feeling of opulence and luxury as well as being very hard wearing.

If you’re a little fearful of splashing lots of colour around your sitting room, the bedroom is the next best place! By choosing a dark and mossy green hue like our Rouen bed in Spruce Velvet, you can be sure of adding a touch of indulgence to your scheme.

We would love to see how you use green in your home. Please send us any pictures you might have to our Facebook or Twitter pages or tag us in your Instagram posts! You can also order lots of lovely green fabric swatches to be sent to your door for even more spring-spiration!

Ali Litten