A Burst of Brightness

Sometimes keeping things simple is the most beautiful way to have décor. The simplistic neutral lounge is sometimes the best place to relax in the house, but it does look boring if there are not a few eye-catching features. This year has bought some fabulous interior styles that will add a burst of brightness to your home and you should definitely not miss out on that!

Pink is a huge colour trend this year; whether you are splashing pink all over your walls or using it as feature that is subtle in your room of choice. Pink is a colour that can either be the main feature from it’s boldness or a very subtle dark or pastel pink can blend well with the other features and colours within the room.

Splashes of colour has also taken the interior design industry by storm this year, neutral rooms are being given a huge makeover through accessories, paint and furniture. The splashes of colour can be expressed in powerful, over-the-top ways, or in contrast in subtle ways to complement the room.

Exotic jungle prints are another huge trend that hit the interior design industry at the beginning of this year, and lucky it did! The gorgeous prints that have become popular this year are beautiful and will give your room that bit of character it may just need!

With the Seventies interior design coming back into fashion the colour orange has made a huge comeback with it. The thing with the colour orange is that it is a warm and inviting colour, so you can never really go wrong with it!

At Sofas & Stuff we think your home should be an element of your personality, that is why we give you the flexibility to design and style your own sofa, from a range of styles and thousands of fabrics! Bring a burst of bright to your home with Sofas & Stuff.

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Abi Cooke