The Stately Sofas of Sofas and Stuff

The Stately Sofas of Sofas & Stuff are glowing like cherries after a bracing Country House weekend….

Your copy of our new photo album of a recent Country House weekend enjoyed by Alwinton, Clavering, Kentwell, Haresfield, Leconfield, Chiddingfold, Ditchling, Purbrook, Bermondsey, Moorgate et al should have arrived on your doormat over this weekend with the Saturday and Sunday papers.

The sofas and chairs looked seriously comfortable and very much at home in the marble halls, polished dining rooms, grey-green panelling and grand, spectacularly muralled stairways of Petworth, gazing through tall French windows into the deer park and lakes beyond. Made for the place.

However, we know that they will look just as splendid – if not more so- once they are at home with you. Every Englishwoman’s home is her castle, and these sofas will add a new dimension of fabulousness to life indoors.

If plush, Rubenesque pink velvet is not your bag, or if tasteful linens leave you cold, fear not. Enter the portals of any of our 12 Sofas & Stuff showrooms nationwide and you’ll be bowled over (and possibly a little overwhelmed) by the cornucopia – vast choices – of fabrics of the highest quality by all the best names in the world – with which to swathe your chosen sofa, sofabed, armchair or bed. A wide-range of velvet sofas to choose from in-store.

You don’t have to have honey velvet on your bed. You don’t have to have striped linens on your sofa. Not everyone loves Liberty.  No sirree. (We do.)

The thing is, you can have whatever you want on your sofa: even if you have woven it yourself out of dog hair. In fact, if you have a dog, it makes sense to match your sofa fabric to it, for an easier life. Does that sound eccentric?

If you missed out on our rather smart sofa family album (just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sofas and fabrics) there’s still the opportunity to catch up, see our new pictures for yourselves and make the most of our special offer of 10% off all Sofas & Stuff homegrown handmade British sofa beauties and our very chic, modern sofa collection. You have until the 30th April.

Don’t hang about. Get cracking and visit our website at

Michael Curran