Pinspiration – Happening Hallways

Hallways, landings and corridors are traditionally some of the most challenging spaces to decorate. Narrow spaces, weird angles and a lack of natural light often mean that these transition areas are banished to a world of boring beige. But, with Sofas and Stuff on your side you can break free from the tyranny of neutral into a world where all your corridors are magical.


Geometric Hallway



Another clever trick for making a hallway seem longer is to use contrasting angles at different break points to make it feel as though the hallway spirals on forever. Removing doors to open the hallway right through to the windows on the back wall means even more light, and the bright orange makes the space feel super cheerful.


Dystopian Hallway



This conceptual hallway might not be exactly right for most homes, but the clever integration of screens into the ceiling to show images of the sky helps us to imagine what the hallways of the future might look like. It’s a little too Requiem For A Dream for our liking, but we do like the long mural on the right-hand wall – yet another trick for making this low-ceilinged space appear larger.



Graffiti Hallway

Think outside the box when it comes to your painting options – spray cans are a cool alternative to those boring old rollers! Much like the dystopian hallway we showed you above, this isn’t necessarily something you’d want to recreate verbatim in your home but a splash of urban style in the form of a mural would look fabulous in many city homes. If you think your taste changes too fast to commit to commissioning a piece, you can always use decals for a similar but less permanent effect!


We hope our post gave you some food for thought. We’d love to see what tricks you’ve used in your hallway so please send us your pics or tweet us your tips. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and of course Pinterest and we love to chat!


We’d like to leave you with this amusing video we found of kids “swimming” in a hallway – sometimes our Internet design adventures end up in the unlikeliest of places! Enjoy!



“This post was written by Andrew Cussins, sofa lover and founder of Sofas & Stuff”


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